What Is Rooter Service and Do You Need It?

First things first, the concept of rooting has changed a bit since the term was first born. The term was actually derived from the task of dealing with tree roots that would end up blocking sewer or plumbing lines, thus leading to plumbing system issues.

However, the original rooting machine that was used for this task in the past is no longer in existence. But it has been replaced with better and more efficient drain-cleaning equipment and techniques that have made the task easier.

That said, modern rooting services are not just about tree root invasions, but cover a wide range of methods that are used to clean a drain or repair pipes for tackling a stubborn sewer line and drainpipe clogs that tend to affect the functioning of your plumbing system.

Do You Need a Rooter Service?

As we explained above, modern day rooting services are more about commonplace drainage issues than a tree root blocking your plumbing line. They are primarily used to fix slow and clogged drains.

Clogged drains and blockages can interfere with the functioning of your plumbing system in more ways than one, depending on the type of clog and where exactly it’s located in the system.

While the ones inside your home drains only tend to affect a fixture located near to it, a large clogging issue affecting your home’s sewer lines can lead to much more serious drainage issues.

It would likely cause drainage issues in different areas of your home, with minor backups when a washing machine or flush is used not being uncommon either.

The smaller clogging issues inside your home drains, however, are much easier to deal with, and usually only involve organic debris like leftover food stuff, soap scum and hair. They also only tend to affect one area of your home – the one nearest to them – so they don’t make your life difficult like the larger clogging issues outside your home. 

Now, while some type of clogging can be handled using some DIY methods, sewer clogs almost always demand a professional rooting service.

You must also remember that there are quite a few factors that can affect your home drains or sewer lines, including large debris buildup, corrosion and, of course, tree roots.

Most people wouldn’t even be able to figure out the cause of their sewer line problems, let alone fixing it.

All said and done, hiring a good rooting service is extremely important to deal with the said issues, and pretty much everything that has to do with your sewer line or home’s drainage system.

Make sure you ask the company if they have the experience needed to work on a rooting job, as not all plumbing companies may be able to handle a large rooting job.

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