What Are the Benefits of Couples Bathrooms

It is becoming more and more common for homeowners to turn one bathroom in their home into a couples-style bathroom with two separate toilet stalls. This may be done when renovations are being done on a bathroom, or it may be the first step in a bathroom renovation that doesn’t have enough space to house two toilets comfortably. 

In some cases, homeowners may choose not only to put in two toilets but also add vanities and showers/tubs to each “stall.”

The main idea of a couples-style restroom is privacy. This means an increased level of soundproofing so that users cannot hear what other people are doing at their stalls, as well as improved visual privacy so that anyone looking from outside of the room cannot see inside. 

Bathrooms in general often do not offer much privacy, and bathroom remodeling with couples-style stalls can be an improvement. Here are ten benefits of couples’ bathrooms.

Increased Privacy

This benefit is self-explanatory, but it should be stated again that the main reason to have two toilets instead of one is that people feel more comfortable having their own space when they are relieving themselves.

Ability for Many at Once

Couples bathrooms allow many people to take care of business at once. This saves time, which can make life easier for homeowners who are used to multiple people using the same restroom throughout the day.

More Space

As mentioned above, having two separate bathroom stalls takes up less space than it would have two entire bathrooms. This allows homeowners to put in a couples-style bathroom when the space they have is smaller than what renovations might require, and it also gives them more options when remodeling.

Improved Lighting

Often one of the biggest issues with small bathrooms is that there isn’t enough light for everyone to see well while getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed at night. Separate stalls give people their lighting so they don’t need to worry about others’ lights shining in their eyes or having dim lighting overall.


One of the benefits of renovating any space in the home is customization. Couples bathrooms allow homeowners to choose all aspects of their design individually, so there is no need to compromise between two people who might have different needs or wants for the room.

Improved Cleanliness

Since each stall has its sink, faucet, toilet, and so on, it means that anyone using the bathroom will have their own free hands to clean themselves up after they are done using the restroom. This makes cleaning easier for homeowners as well as guests who might not know where everything is located within a shared bathroom.

More Privacy for Personal Care

Many bathrooms do not have space for all of the things someone might use when getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed at night. Couples-style restrooms allow homeowners to put in vanities with mirrors next to each toilet/shower/tub. This means everyone using the bathroom has access to a mirror and can take care of their grooming and hygiene without having to ask another member of the household for help.

Improved Hygiene Since People Aren’t Sharing

Having two separate stalls helps ensure hygiene at its best — people won’t have to worry about others sharing their toilet paper, touching their sink faucets, or anything else that might cause germs to spread from one person to another. 

Couples-style bathrooms give users more room and options for taking care of themselves independently regularly as well as when guests are in town.

More Privacy During Special Occasions

Even if regular visits aren’t an issue for families with younger children or older adults in need of assistance, there are times throughout the year when people might want or need more privacy than is offered by shared bathrooms. 

Couples-style restrooms allow for this level of privacy to be maintained on days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other get-togethers where loved ones will get ready for special occasions together.

Less Clutter/More Space

One of the benefits of remodeling can include removing clutter, and couples bathrooms often give homeowners the ability to do just that. The space simply won’t accommodate one bathroom set if it must also support a shared sink, mirror, etc., so adding new items means removing some others. 

This makes for an overall simplified bathroom design that allows for ease of use while looking good at the same time.

In conclusion, having a couples-style bathroom in the home has many benefits for homeowners and their guests. These include more space, improved lighting, individual customization options, improved cleanliness, increased privacy during different times of day and year, more privacy during special occasions, less clutter overall, and more storage space. 

For these reasons and more people are increasingly choosing to add or update their bathrooms with this type of design.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Company to Help You?

Is that even necessary? 

Yes! You should hire bathroom remodeling companies to do the work for you. The benefits of these professionals are many, including their extensive training and experience with all types of bathroom designs. 

They are also able to make sure everything is done according to local laws and codes as well as within your budget — something homeowners often don’t have the time or skill set to handle on their own during busy schedules. It’s always a good idea to hire bathroom remodeling companies when renovating this space in the home.

It is best to hire professional bathroom remodelers because they have the knowledge, skill sets, tools, etc., necessary for making sure that renovations run smoothly with minimal impact on everyone living/staying/working in the home. 

Their work also guarantees that renovations meet local laws and codes, which homeowners often don’t have the time or resources to do on their own during busy schedules. There are many other reasons it is best to hire bathroom remodeling services when renovating this space in the home — find out more here.

More Details On Benefits Of Couples Bathrooms

Toilets in different stalls mean roommates won’t have to worry about one another using up all of the hot water when showering or getting ready each morning/night before bedtime.

Families with kids benefit from bathrooms that allow for two separate sinks where children can brush their teeth or wash their hands without worrying about making too much of a mess.

Individuals who work out at home can use the extra room easily added to couples-style bathrooms to store towels, toiletries, and other items that might otherwise take up space in bedroom closets or elsewhere around the house.

The ability for everyone to have separate drawers under sinks allows people to keep personal/private things like medications, bandages, tampons, etc., away from other members of the household — especially children — when they aren’t needed.

Having two toilets reduces wait times for anyone who would otherwise be using one bathroom sink before heading off to work or school each morning.

Ensures there is enough hot water available for everyone to take long, steamy showers at any time of day or night.

Act as an inexpensive alternative for homeowners who are looking to make their homes look significantly better without the added cost of full renovations.

Improve cleanliness by allowing each person in a household to have his/her soap and towel — no more sharing bar soap or soggy, shared hand towels! 

Offers increased privacy between bathrooms during times when only one is being used by children coming home from school/daycare after a long day, guests sleeping over on vacation, etc.,

Increases storage space within the bathroom design without taking up too much room elsewhere around the house.

The Benefits Are Endless!

The only reason to hire bathroom remodeling experts is because of all the benefits they offer. For example, professionals have knowledge and skillsets that ensure renovations run smoothly with minimal impact on everyone living/staying/working in the home. 

Their work also guarantees renovations that meet local laws and codes, an often overlooked detail for homeowners during busy schedules. In addition to these reasons, bathroom remodeling companies offer their services at a more affordable rate than full bathroom renovations require.

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