Waterproof roof paint that is worth the money you spend

The PMMA-based waterproof roof paint is a sealant which protects roofs against damage. When applied with a tough fleece reinforcement, this product provides a strong and durable membrane for a range of surfaces. This is a 2-component system which consists of PMMA based waterproofing resins. As a liquid waterproof paint, this product is very simple and easy to apply and is also dry and hard within the hour.

PMMA is an acrylic resin which is methyl methacrylate-based. A catalyst is used before application which is what reduces the labour time. Foot-traffic can be allowed on the surface just 60 minutes after the application. The waterproof coating is a flame-free system, which consists of a primer, the resin coating and the polyester fleece fabric reinforcement.

Why use it?

All roofs should be sealed with a waterproof coating to protect them from harsh weather conditions and corrosion. Without a liquid rubber waterproof sealant, a roof will be susceptible to the elements and may not last as long as intended. The PMMA-based waterproof roof paint can solve this issue. It can resist UV rays and freezing cold temperatures and keep ponding water out to protect the roof. This product is also solvent-free and rapid-curing.


The benefits of this PMMA waterproof roof paint are countless. Among them include:

  • Very fast drying time – only 1 hour. This means that the surface of the roof will be hard cured quickly, reducing labour time
  • Easy liquid application, which can be used on larger and smaller areas, as well as roofs with small details
  • The application is seamless, filling any gaps and voids and creating a fully waterproof membrane
  • Even at sub-zero temperatures the coating will stay flexible
  • Permanently weather-proof, including UV rays and water
  • Solvent-free, which improves health and safety
  • Can be applied in low and high temperatures, with good chemical resistance


PMMA acrylic resin is ideal to be used with a range of roof surfaces, of all shapes and sizes. It can also be used to protect other details, such as balconies, fans, skylights and railing support. Use this product as a waterproof roof paint to protect against leaks and corrosion on both pitched and flat roofs. It will adhere to many surfaces, including any properly prepared substrate such as concrete, steel and old bitumen roofing.

Applying this waterproof roof coating is simple and can be applied to all substrates when the appropriate primer is used. Firstly, the coating must be mixed thoroughly with the catalyst. The catalyst activates the fast-reactive properties, making the coating dry in just an hour. The pot life is shirt once this has been added, so the coating needs to be applied as soon as possible. It can be easily applied with either a brush or roller, which affectively covers any complicated parts of the roof. Tough fleece reinforcement is also applied with the coating.

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