Types of window glasses and their usage


Windows are among the most practical aspect of a house construction design. Having enough and at the right places bring nature in your house and keep the ambiance positive and energetic. Windows are the source of bringing in the natural sunlight inside your rooms which not only maintains the freshness but also cuts on the energy billing to a considerable extent. This makes the choice of glass for the window panes crucial. Many dealers in the market like Willoughby Glass offer a wide variety of glasses. You can choose the ones which ideally suits your requirements and budget. Here we provide an insight into the types of glasses you should consider along with their properties to simplify your selection process.


  • Clear glasses


Clear glasses are often also referred to as the annealed glasses. These are the simplest type of glasses which are fragile and not tempered for toughness. These types of glasses would prevent wind and dirt and serve as the most basic protection from weather elements. These are mostly preferred by people who are bound tightly by the budget constraints. However, you do not get protection from UV rays and energy efficiency features. These glasses also shatter when subjected to tough encounters.


  • Heat absorbing glasses


Heat absorbing glasses are available at very reasonable pricing. These are simple glasses with a film over them to absorb heat. These glasses absorb the heat and reduce glare and keep your place cool and soothing. This way you can reduce the amount you spend to keep your home cool by other means. You can find these tints in green, gray, or bronze shades which also add aesthetics to your windows.


  • Reflective glasses


In contrast to adding a heat-absorbing tint, reflective glasses are sophisticatedly crafted to allow only a limited amount of sunlight to enter your space. These are more efficient to reduce glare and increase energy efficiency by reducing the need for cooling systems.  These glasses for window panes maintain a soothing and calm atmosphere inside your home during summers.


  • Insulated glasses


Most people are unaware of the option of having multiple panes of glasses. Almost every vendor offers you a choice between one, two, or three panes of glasses for your windows. Having more than one pane makes the glass stronger and more resistant to breakage. Also, you get enhanced energy efficiency. You can also opt for gas insulated glasses. These glasses have argon or krypton gas filled between the panes to provide improved energy efficiency.


  • Laminated glasses


Laminated glasses are the premium quality glasses. These glasses are manufactured by inserting a laminating film between the panes. This boosts the durability and strength of the glass. These glasses are safer as they do not spread into shreds even if they are broken. They provide excellent UV protection and sound-proofing effect. Although, laminated glass costs more, it worth every penny and a great choice for your dream home. 


  • Glasses with low emissivity


Low emissivity or Low-E is a layer that is added to the surface of the glass. This layer makes your window glasses energy-efficient in both summer and winter season. They prevent the outside heat in summer from getting in and keep the warmth of inside from transfer outside in winters. You also get UV protection and comfortable interior round the year.

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