Types of common residential door locks

If you give though then you would realize that locks are the real saviour of your house. It keeps you inside the safe haven of your walls and keeps the bad people away. But not many are aware that there are many types of locks available in the market and one can actually choose from the various types that will suit their requirement. People should go beyond the basic locks they have been using for ages. You can take help of residential locksmith NYC to know which type of lock will be the best for you. Meanwhile, we are sharing some common types of residential door locks that you must know.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are one of the most common types of door locks and are mostly used in every type of doors like bedroom doors, rear patio doors, front door or anyone. These locks come with knobs on either side. On the side, it has the lock and another side has the keyhole for unlocking the door. It is up to you that which side of the lock, right or left, you are opting for.


The door lock type is again a common one that is used for the front door lock and it has all the good reasons to be the first choice for the front door lock. It is one of the most secure and inexpensive locks. It uses a metal bolt on either side that fixes into the door jam. There is a latch that controls the bolt within the door and the keyhole outside. Deadbolts are further divided into four main types from which you can select. The types are double deadbolt locks, captive deadbolts, jimmy proof deadbolts, and single deadbolt.

Lever Handle Locks

Another type of residential locks is lever handle locks and it is commonly used for the interior door. It has more stylish features and gives a good look to your door. They are easily accessible and even a handicapped person can access it with the same ease. One can push and twist the button present on the inside face. As these locks function like a knob lock, do not use it with a force, it may end up getting broken.

These 3 types are the most common types of locks that are used in most of the residential areas. There are more types available and to get detail info on them, you try to approach experienced locksmith services.

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