Troubleshooting a furnace that stopped working

It’s the time of year when the furnace may be working on overtime. This added use can cause problems, resulting in the system breaking down and needing furnace repair. When this occurs, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot before calling a technician:

  • Vacuum

You should always clean and vacuum the furnace’s blower area. You should also add a couple of drops of motor oil into the oil ports.

  • Check for gas leaks

If you start smelling natural gas, do not light any matches and turn off all switches. Open the door to allow air in, and if it is too strong, evacuate. You should immediately turn off the gas supply valve and call the gas company or fire department when you are out of the home.

  • Pilot lights

Some furnaces have pilot lights. If there is a pilot light that will not stay lit, it may be a faulty or loose thermocouple. Also, the flame may be set too low, the orifice may be clogged, or the safety cutoff valve may not be working.

For furnaces with electronic ignitions, you may have to turn the power switch off and on to reset the control module. Then you will need to clean the flame sensor.

If the furnace is running but does not provide enough heat, make sure nothing is blocking the airflow. Also, make sure the thermostat is set correctly. Slightly raise the temperature and reassess. Make sure all your heat registers are open and check the filter.

If you’ve completed all these troubleshooting tips and everything is the same, you may need a furnace repair technician. For more information to diagnose the problem, contact the team at Hoosier Heating & Cooling for an appointment today!

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