Tricks To Survive Summer Nights

Waking up sweating during the middle of the sleep is a nightmare for all. This can make sleep worse throughout the night and create sleep issues. When you can blame the climate for such a temperature, there are natural ways to keep your bed cool during summer. Doctors say that an ideal room temperature for falling asleep quickly is between 15 – 20 degrees. From Wakefit, you can select the ideal mattress that can keep you cool during summer. So next time when you feel the heat, try out the below tricks to beat the heat.

Get Addicted To Water Intake

The thumb rule to keep your body cool during summer is the frequent intake of water. Water will keep your body hydrated for a long time so that the body temperature will remain the same even if the room temperature rises. National Sleep Foundation says that going to bed dehydrated can interrupt the sleep and cause tiredness in the morning. So load up your body with enough fluids (Not coffee, tea, and other beverages) during the day so that you can enjoy a cool sleep.

Taking Shower Before Bed

Most of us take a shower in the morning. However, during summer it is good to start a new habit of taking a shower just before bedtime. Our body temperature has a major role in getting good sleep. When you take a cold shower before bedtime, the body temperature rises to match with the room temperature which can make you stay awake the whole night. But when it comes to a warm bath, your body temperature rises and with a sudden drop in the room temperature, you will fall asleep quickly.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera is one of the top air-purifying plants. Applying aloe vera gel or cream before the bedtime can help you cool down the body temperature. You can get two benefits from this. Good sleep and clear skin!

The Right Bedding

The mattress which traps the heat can only increase the discomfort. During summer, it is best to remove those extra paddings, and bed sheets made of silk, polyester, etc. These can retain heat and can make sleeping terrible. Cotton bedding accessories are the best when it comes to summer. Mattress made of natural material is a good option to beat the heat during summer and they are durable too.

Refrigerate The Bedding

Sounds crazy but sure have an impact on sleep. Keeping your bed sheets in the freezer for half an hour before the bedtime can improve your sleep. Although the coolness will not last long, it will surely trigger your sleep. Experts say that even wearing wet socks can help you fall asleep.

Ventilate The Room

Keeping the windows open can reduce the room temperature to an extent. Cross-ventilation is the perfect way to regulate room temperature. The sad fact is that people tend to close all the windows which lock the hot air inside. So open the windows in the morning till 10 am and in the evening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Go Old School

The old trick of keeping an ice bowl in front of a fan can produce cool breeze which can help you fall asleep in no time.

Comfortable Dressing

While some suggest that sleeping nude is the best way to get good sleep, some others suggest that sleeping in comfortable dresses such as cotton pajamas are a better option.

Getting a good sleep during summer can be difficult if you are not equipped with proper steps to deal with it. Sleep is quite important in any climate. All the tricks that are mentioned above can come handy if you struggle to get a cool sleep during the summer.

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