Tips for Planning Bathroom Renovation Project

From flooring and walls, fixtures and plumbing, to vanities and storage the project of bathroom renovation is trickier and more complicated than remodeling of other rooms. You have to consider a wide array of issues, make a proper plan and measurements, find professional house renovation contractor and only after that start transforming the look of your bathroom from drab to fab.

Planning bathroom upgrade, have a peek here for expert tips and advice for your bathroom renovation project.

– size of your bathroom

New features can be added into your space taking into consideration the size of your bathroom. Keep in mind that you can’t settle a double vanity or multiple custom mirrors in a small space, it is appropriate only in a big bathroom but in a limited space gain some additional storage instead.

– a wish list, lifestyle and standard of living

Evaluate condition of your bathroom and make a list of desired features and changes you want to upgrade in your bathroom. Different showrooms, websites and magazines can be an excellent source of inspiration and fresh ideas. Making your wish list, consider your lifestyle and standard of living. Do not forget about the people that will use the bathroom (their number, habits, whether you have seniors, kids or pets). Choosing the materials for your bathroom renovation project, consult a professional house renovations expert.

–  budget

Before making any investments calculate the total cost of your bathroom renovation project. Ensure to have a fixed project budget either you want to update just a few features or to renovate from scratch. Do not forget to add within your budget some extra expenses that may pop up in a result of unexpected occurrences such as rough plumbing and fixture failures, leakage, mould or drywall replacing.

– storage

Plan the right type of storage to keep the space clutter-free and enlarge its visual appeal both for a small or a big bathroom. Opt for wall cabinets, open shelves, cubbies, armoires or drawers with shelving depending on the size and the style of your bathroom you want to create. Organize the storage of bathroom essentials and toiletries in a well-organized manner with the correct type of storage solutions.

We hope these suggestions will be useful for you. Consult reputed house renovation specialists of planning and designing either partial or complete renovation for your dated bathroom.

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