Tips for Installing Heat Pump in Jacksonville, FL

There are numerous points to keep in mind for the installation of the heat pump, and installing it in the right place is the most important factor. If the heat pump is located in the right recommended place, then it will reward you with efficiency, low operation cost, durability, and more. This is why it is highly recommendable to contact and trust only the experienced professionals for Heat Pump installation Jacksonville, FL. They will do the job perfectly the first time itself, promising you stress-free happy days.

This article by Indoor Comfort will discuss the finest location for the installation of the heat pump in the best and simple way possible. They are the most popular Heat Pump repair and services Jacksonville, FL, professionals promising reliability and affordability.

Best Place to Install Heat Pump

The surrounding area determines the performance and efficiency of the heat pump. And if it is installed outside, then it is more vulnerable to dust, dirt, and other related elements. There must be many factors that need to be kept in mind during the outdoor heat pump installation, but these factors are manageable if installed by the professionals.

The following are a few factors that need to be considered to install the Heat Pump.


The heat pump must have good exposure to fresh air and heat, to keep your house warm and comfortable. Since the heat pump uses air as the source for its operation, it needs loads of air to pull the heat. Therefore, make sure to install in an open and free space, where fresh air is abundant.

Most residents often do the common mistake of installing it in the attics or garages. As per the experts, it is one of the biggest mistakes because it will have to need fresh abundance air to pull the heat, which with time will very soon run out of the air, making the space uncomfortable. It will first gradually decrease its efficiency level and in a short time, will give you repairing issues. Besides, if there is a refrigerant leak issue, it will damage the property. So make sure to install in a place which has fresh air.

There must be enough space between the wall, ground, and the unit with a minimum of 1-3 feet from the wall and 4-8 inches from the ground. This distance will help the unit away from dust, snow, water, debris, and other related things.

Maintenance Accessibility

The heat pump must be installed in a place where it is easily accessible for the professionals and the residents. It must have enough space for the technicians to work comfortably and inspect clearly. Never install a heat pump in places where there is large equipment or near the vegetation area.


The encircled area of the heat pump is also very important, as it must not have a disturbance of any kind. There must be no plants growing near it or anything near it. The plants and leaves must have a minimum distance of 18 inches so that it does not play the hindrance role during the operation.


Weather is the most prime factor that needs to be considered during the installation process. The heat pump must never be installed under direct sunlight as it will disturb the operation of the system. The internal temperature of the heat pump will make the unit work hard to heat or cool the place. Hence, it is best to install the heat pump in a shady place during the summer days and away from snow and water during the winter days.

Sea Exposure

If you are living near the coastal area, then the heat pump is very much vulnerable to constant repairs and breakdowns, because of corrosion and more. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for a ground source heat pump as this is considered as the best alternative option. This way, the heat pump will be saved from repairs and breakdowns.

Also, ensure never to install it near your neighbors’ windows and doors as it will cause a disturbance. To minimize the noise, you can add a fence around the unit, as it will lower the noise level. In short, the heat pump must be installed in a well-ventilated and dry open place.

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