Three Reasons to Consider the French Country Style

When choosing a new design for your home or similar space, or when shopping for a new piece of furniture, there are so many styles to choose it can become a dizzying task! A helpful hint is to consider the French country interior design look. From its warm and welcoming aura, to its connection to the natural world, to its ability to blend in seamlessly with pieces of other styles, French country is a great place for novice interior decorators to begin.

1. Warm, Cozy, and Welcoming

A classic interior design stylefrench country embodies the elegant comfort of the Provence region of France. Traditional French style is often ornate and highly intricate, but French country style takes that chic beauty and tones it down with relaxed and subdued distressing and effortless comfort. French country embraces natural light and a warm, welcoming ambiance, and French country furniture reflects these ideals with soft, curved lines, smooth and often white washed wood, and neutral color palettes that create a cozy mood.

2. Incorporates the Natural World

French country style furthers its down-to-earth vibe by drawing inspiration from the natural world. In addition to highlighting the natural beauty of fine quality wood, French country often features touches of nature such as with fabric patterned with flora and fauna designs of lavender, sunflowers, or roosters. Cushioning found on chairs and sofas done in the French country style will most often natural fabrics such as linen or cotton kept in a more neutral color tone so as to highlight the natural fibers. Rooms done in this style also may feature other natural materials such as stone.

3. Easy to Merge with Many Styles

Finally, one of the most appealing qualities of the French country style is its ability to seamlessly blend in with other styles in your home. The effortless grace, elegance, and timelessness of a piece of furniture in the French country style means it does well blend in with other more modern or traditional pieces you may have in your home. Furthermore, as French country is such a truly timeless style, while prices may be on the higher side, the pieces you invest in will last you a lifetime and stay fashionable through any number of redecorations of your home.

Finding the perfect balance between beauty and comfort, the French country style of interior decoration is a great place to begin your search for a new piece of furniture or style guide for your home.

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