The Services offered by Cosmos Values

Cosmos Values is a Switzerland based company that specializes in providing relocating services to individual, companies/businesses and real estate services. Below is a closer look at the services they offer.

Cosmos Values has far reaching contacts with the Swiss, foreign authorities, corporation and reputable institutions that enable them organize visits to the relevant and prospective partners/ investors for economic and political delegations across Switzerland and abroad thus providing help that will enable clients establish successful information and commercial exchange.

  • Real estate

For those planning to purchase a new business property or would like to sell their house and purchase a more comfortable apartment then Cosmos Valuesis the ideal partner that will help put such plans into practice.

They establish efficient links among clients wishing to sell and those who want to purchase. They have an experience of many years enhanced with a deep knowledge concerning the real estate market which enablesthem to broker property sales and purchasing opportunities.

One can rely on Cosmos Values when it comes to;arranging valuations and assessments, in developing sales brochures, they support the client in the calculation of capital gains taxes on property sales, seeking financial support for clients with banks and also supportingthem in the creation of a sales contract and a notarial certification,

The company provides its clients with the much needed support of transformingpaper mortgage certificatesto registered mortgage bonds, they willinitiate the declaration of annulment of lost mortgage certificates, obtain permits for the foreign nationals and secondary residence permits and lastly they support all insurance matters.

  • Company resettlement

For those in abroad who wish to engage in business relocation to Switzerland, or plan on establishing a new company in the country, as well as the Swiss citizens that aresearching for a new company domicile abroad, Cosmos Values handles the search for a suitable location while researching on the legal form suitabilityof the company.

The specific services offered on company resettlements include, general market entry consultancy, conducting market analysis, consulting and supporting the client during the location selectionprocess, they will also initialize contact and accompany the client in meetings with the applicable authorities, help in conducting the acquisition of work and residence permits and searching suitable commercial sites.

Other services include, offering contractor services, evaluating tax-related aspects, offering legal consultation and managing projects.

  • Work permits

Cosmos Values is in a position of acquiring a Swiss residence or work permit for its clients since they have in depth knowledge on the different structured permit processes in Switzerland.

This enables them take the shortest path and achieve an expeditious process of acquiring the permit. This also applies for the special permits like those needed by students, PhD students and trainees.

  • Residence relocation

Cosmos Values is familiar with all the relevant framework conditions and customs for those moving to Switzerland or another country of residence. They have a team that offers valuable support by accompanying the clientto all planning aspects related to theshift.

In the residence relocation package their services include: evaluating the optimal location, accompanying the client to the relevant authorities, acquisition of clienteles’ work and residence permits, conducting searchers for attractive residential properties whether rental or for purchase and financial consultation in cooperation with the selected partners.

Once relocation has been accomplished, they handle all the necessary details and ensure that the clients’integration into the new environment is smooth and effortless. One also benefits from their extensive knowledge on Swiss healthcare and educational systems. They will definitely clarify the possibilities one has, coordinate their schedule, and upon request, accompany the client to meetings.


For those planning to relocate their business/residence to another country or acquire a new nationality so as to improve their international mobility; Cosmos Values has an indepth understanding of allthe suitable attractive programs in Switzerland andother countriessuch as Cyprus, Malta and Spain.

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