The Reason For Buy  Real Estate In Belize

Belize is an extremely hot paradise that has become one of the most visited places for global tourists and sun seekers. It has long sought property on various islands in Belize because it is home to the beautiful oceanfront Belize real estate and it is available at the fraction of the price you would expect in other Caribbean places.

What are the benefits Of Buying Belize Real Estate?

  • Buying Procedure

You are buying a home in Belize. It is in many respects, quite similar to buying a home in the U.S. or  Canada. For one, the majority of the property sales that occur are done in US dollars. Additionally, the buyer often does not have to deal with restrictions as the process and has been streamlined and designed to make it easy for foreigners to buy Belize property.

  • Tropical Place

Belize real estate is given situated in close closeness to North America which is always a plus for any international investor. This travel time is only two hours away from Miami while direct flights are available from numerous cities and points such as Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and a number of major Canadian cities, just to mention a few. There are also direct flights available from Europe.

  • Approving Taxes

Belize real estate is currently completely inexpensive when compared to other real estate markets. It has high demand destinations such as Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, and Palencia there are a number of desirable real estate opportunities. Most individuals who do not live in a trendy neighborhood pay less than $15 each year as property tax on their home.

  • Tax discounts

It offers good looking tax sheltering discount to encourage foreign investors. For example, there are no capital gains or inheritance taxes expected in Belize. Additionally, Belize the retired person’s discount  Program enables retirees to apply for long-term residency in Belize.

  • Ownership & Equal Property Rights

Foreigners looking to invest in Belize and it can ensure that they will receive the same treatment as other residents of Belize that are buying the property. The buying decisions are also seamless and straightforward which largely helps to explain.

  • Political & Economic

Belize real estate is a true government that enjoys both political and social stability. In such an environment, you can be sure that your investment is safe and protected at all times.

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