The Ins and Outs of a Tiny Home

Thanks to the popularity of many television shows about designing, finding, and building your own, tiny homes are booming. From pre-made kits to building structures, tiny homes can have the same amenities as a larger home without the financial burden. If you have a family, you can involve everyone in the decision making, making sure that this family affair includes everyone’s voice.

Here are some key factors to think about if you’re considering shifting your habitation to a tiny home.


When considering a tiny home, space can become a major concern. Issues such as where people will sleep, eat, and play should be laid out. Siblings may have to share roomsand sleep on beds that fold up, such as murphy beds, which give more space during the day.

Another option for sleeping arrangements can be lofts. These raised bedrooms or spaces can give an open feel to a small home, though you may want some kind of ventilation since hot air rises. A small window or door can help circulate air and give you another way outside if you wish to build on a rooftop deck or garden. This gives an additional space to enjoy a family BBQ or gardening with your children.



If you decide to live in a movable home on a trailer bed, for example, typical plumbing that runs to a tank or the city, such as the plumbing in Covina or Los Angeles may not be possible. An option is a recycled water tank for the kitchen and shower. Some tiny homes use one sink as a multipurpose area for washing dishes after meals and washing hands after bathroom use. This layout saves on space, but you don’t have to go this route. You can customize it howyou like, and if you have children, more than one sink and a dishwasher may be a better option for you.

Another important issue is the toilet. If you plan on travelling with your tiny home, a compost toilet my be your best bet. The toilet does not use water to get rid of the waste. Instead, it goes into the latrine and is broken down by the help substances such as wood chips, ash, or straw. You can also add special ventilation unit so the smell doesn’t become overwhelming.

When considering the best option for your tiny home, it may be best to consult with a specialist. An expert plumber can steer you in the right direction, ensuring you and your family have a system that serves your needs.

Spending time with you family can be extremely beneficialduring the development of your tiny home. You can improve their emotional and mental state, give them confidence, and let them be more open with you. Being in a smaller area and away from large cities can give you and your family time to explore the outdoors and take part in more family oriented activities such as hiking or bike riding. If your children or yourself are concerned about unplugging, keep in mind that you can still gain access to electricity by plugging into a source or solar panels that feeds into your tiny home. Many tiny home owners want to limit this accessibility on purpose so they “live off the grid” and have more time with their families, but feel free to choose the option that best fits your needs.

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