The Best Upgrade to Give Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the not-so-distant future, get ready for a visit from the in-laws, or you desperately need to update your abode, your renovation options are endless. But between your budget, the amount of time you have, and your already growing to-do list, where do you start? Many excellent options will provide a beneficial return on investment, but there’s one that people often overlook. It’s simple, affordable, and can give your home just the sort of luxury upgrade you’re looking for.What is it? Paint!

Paint is the Ultimate Makeover

Paint is one of the most underrated DIY and professional house makeover tasks available to homeowners, house flippers, and ardent remodelers. But it should absolutely be the first thing on everyone’s to-do list. Why? Paint can dramatically upgrade a home, restyle a room, and increase the overall sales value appeal when it goes onto the market. Even if you installed new cabinets, a new roof, and had hardwood flooring placed throughout, if your walls look tired, drab, run-down, and dusty, it will steal the attention away from all the other upgrades. So what can paint do? Plenty!

Transform a Room

Even if you keep all the same furniture, the same flooring, the same appliances, and the same décor, you can completely transform any room in the house with a simple change of paint colors. Many new construction homes are painted white because it is quick and convenient – not because it looks beautiful. Do away with that stark white that reminds you of living in a hospital room and instead soften the interior with a grey/beige mix, commonly known as greige. Do you live near the beach? Choose an accent wall for your living room and redo it with a seafoam green or light aqua. Are you living in the mountains? Paint faux shiplap or even crackle paint a wall or two to match with a rustic or shabby chic feel. As simple as it sounds, a touch of paint has the potential to completely transform your living space.

Upgrade to Luxury

If you’re looking to give your home the look and feel of luxury, don’t get rid of your furniture or take a sledgehammer to your countertops just yet! Repaint first and see what that does to your home. We’ve seen it time and time again. If there’s only one thing you can do to remake and remodel your house, paint will go the farthest in freshening up your space, not countertops or flooring.

What colors are best for adding a sense of serenity, luxury, and refinement? Upscale New York City painters agree – go with on-trend colors. Choose colors such as classic blue, burnt orange, or peacock for accent walls. If painting entire rooms and built-in bookshelves, go with varying shades of whites (but never stark white), blush, or clay.

Boost Your Return on Investment

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, painting is one of the best things you can do to freshen up your home and give it the best curb appeal possible. When on a tight budget and choosing between significant upgrades or minor adjustments, always make sure painting is on your to-do list. Prospective home buyers might forgive countertops that need to be updated or flooring they’ll redo, but if they walk into your home and the walls look like they’re from another century, they’ll walk right out.

Never underestimate the power of appeal. Home buyers enter prospective properties knowing there are things they’ll likely change about a home. But no one wants to walk in knowing they’re going to have to repaint every room from floor to ceiling before they can even move their furniture in. Make every room in your home appealing by giving it a fresh, updated coat of paint, and you’ll remove a significant hurdle from someone interested in your home.

Make It Count

Every realtor on the market suggests repainting your home before showing your house. Don’t just slosh a fresh coat of stark white paint onto your walls and call it good. Make every brushstroke count by transforming a room with pops of color and adding a sense of luxury with the shades you choose. You’ll make a huge difference and be amazed by the before and after results. Since it makes such a difference to the interior of your home if you can only choose one thing to upgrade, choose paint.

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