The best investment on earth is earth:

The land is one of the most sought-after commodities on earth. No wonder, in real estate, business is good. Even in India, the real estate sector’s current value was 120 billion USD in 2017. It is expected to reach 1 trillion USD by 2030 and contribute to as much as 13% of the GDP of the country. Over the years, there has been a shift of focus on surplus building materials that are environmentally friendly. In simple terms, the present use of these materials should not run out the future use of causing damage to the ecosystem. Needless to say, while selecting materials, the aim should be to identify renewable and replaceable materials that are abundantly available in the market.

Choosing the right material for the right job:

Real estate can be broadly divided into attached, semi-attached, detached and portable building units. It’s no doubt that while building your project you will need to look into certain factors with regards to choosing the best-suited components of construction. The extraction of these components should have minimum impact on nature. Noise pollution, air pollution, CO2 emissions are a few markers to help ensure the same. Knowing the source of the materials will help to keep transport costs down. In areas with surplus building materials, it is desirable to source them locally. You will need to ensure that adequate health and safety measures are deployed on site to make the construction as hazard-free as possible for the construction team. During the serviceable life of the building, it needs to be eco-friendly as well. The presence of harmful emissions and solvents from the building materials will adversely hamper the health of the building occupants. Easy maintenance and durability of the materials used are primary consideration factors in the selection of the right material.

All’s Well that Ends Well:

Your commitment to the environment will extend long beyond the useful life of the building. Materials that can be recycled and minimum waste disposal at the site for demolition is also priority right at the beginning of the construction. Healthy competition in business is beneficial for growth. So open and reliable communication with the other players in the market will also help you stay updated on the best building options and genuine suppliers for the respective materials.

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