The advantages of using polypropylene garden fence with rounded strands 

Garden fences must have enough strength to prevent deer and other animals intruding into gardens and backyards as well as driveways. Deer proof fences are special because it remains invisible from 10-15 feet and strong enough to prevent the animals from breaking through it. Fences created with plastic fence roll are the best choice because it is lightweight, strong and can withstand the weather and does not need any maintenance. Once you install the fence correctly, you can rely on it completely without spending any money on maintenance. 

Polypropylene and PVC the commonly used plastic materials for garden fences that can serve multiple purposes and not only keep deer away. The fence is also useful for creating fruit cages and plant support and in animal areas. The plastic fence rolls are available in different grades according to its longevity and strength, and you will find fences that last for 15 years, 20 years, and even 25 years. Even the lowest strength fence is strong enough to keep away animals, and it is impossible to break the netting by hand. The strands are of semi-circular cross-section and have 2 inches opening that is much stronger than flat strand poly fencing.

The advantages of installing a plastic fence are many.

High tensile strength

Garden fences must be strong enough to withstand the pressure thrust upon it when an animal tries to breakthrough.  While the thickness of the strand contributes to the strength of the fence, another factor that is very important is the tensile strength of the material, which increases many more times if you choose a rounded or semi-round strand of the fencing material. Since the longitudinal impact of force on the fence can break the fencing material, high tensile strength can prevent it.

Withstands the weather and lasts longer

Any poly fence is vulnerable to the weather conditions, especially sunlight, wind, and rain that cause heavy damage over time. Sun exposure will turn the glossy material dull, and it will ultimately become grey and brittle, which could tear away at the slightest push. The round or semi-circular strands not only have higher tensile strength but can withstand the weather effectively to last much longer. 

Less stretchable

The rounded shape of the strands of the poly fence material reduces its stretchability that works in its favor because it helps to maintain the compactness of the fence, which would otherwise tend to break away if stretched too much. Being less stretchable, the rounded strands have enough strength to stand and stay erect on its own with minimal support from the posts. 

Blends well with the landscape

To keep out deer effectively, the fence must flush with the landscape so that it is not visible from some distance, and at the same time, the fence does not interfere with the view of the garden. The rounded strands help to make the fence less visible.

Selecting a poly fence with rounded strands and a clean-finished edge makes it easy to install as the clean edge indicates that it is the top side of the fence.


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