Stirling Residences price

There have been a spate of property launches recently, but one out of particular caught my attention – simply because it has all the characteristics that will make for an excellent property purchase.

I actually can’t get Stirling Houses out of my head for so many reasons. Location, accessibility, views and facilities are some of them.

May this become the one condominium to rule the relax out?

I had to find out, so I headed to its showflat, which fortunately, is on the genuine site of the development. This is important, as it gives me an accurate feel of the condominium’s surroundings, as well as the sense of the neighbourhood and what Let me face on a daily basis should We choose to live there.

Stirling Residences price sits along Stirling Road, and although I consider myself quite familiar with the area, I used to be pleasantly surprised to find that there is such a huge plot of home land – almost 230, 000 sqft than it ~ tucked at one ending of Stirling Road.

Every person wants to live within a short walking distance to the MRT train station, but crowded and you will be hit with intolerable traffic and associated noises. Stirling Residences’ location ratings highly for me – not only is it only a three-minute walk to the Queenstown MRT station, it is placed back from the key road and found in a quiet corner of Stirling Road, right next to a cluster of arrived homes. It’s an unconventional but ideal blend that gives you the best of both worlds ~ convenience and seclusion.

At the same time, it is close to the Antiguamente Rajah Expressway (AYE) as well as the Skillet Island Expressway (PIE). This particular means hubby can drive to his office in the Central Business Region (CBD) very easily and I can leave my car at home and take those train to wherever I wish to go. Given the high parking charges these days and nights, that has become an significantly attractive mode of vehicles for me.

And of course, from hawker centers, markets, eateries and shopping malls to the library, schools and recreational facilities are available in this mature estate. So We have simply no concerns insofar as public amenities are concerned.


At the sales gallery, I was launched to Stirling Residences’ thematic play on the amount 3, which helped me visualise how the development was conceived as a whole.

There are three ‘P’s after which Stirling Residences is built – Position, Passion and Privilege.

Placement identifies its prestigious location that is quiet yet accessible; Passion to their staggering set of 80 facilities– from pools, ponds, avenues and pavilions to yards, pods and social and sporting amenities –in which you can recharge or unwind; and Privilege to luxurious interior fittings and breathtaking views for all residents.

Apparently, there will be breath-taking views looking as far as the sea. Dwelling here, one can enjoy unblocked, panoramic views of the tranquil sea, gleaming city or verdant trees on shared sky and roof terraces on various floors.


Talk about living it up! Contemplating that I have a penchant for spectacular views from high floors, the very thought of savouring million-dollar vistas from my home makes the last “P” especially appealing.

Meanwhile, the theme of three is a recurring one through the 1, 259-unit development. It is found in Region 3 and comprises three high-rise towers – each with six sky balconies. Its lushly landscaped reasons are conceptualised based on three forest themes. Every of the rain forest, tropical forest and entfernt forest zones will be planted with beautiful flora and peppered with distinctive pavilions.

I’ve been advised the forest theme will infuse the landscaping and lend cohesion to the facilities, creating a wonderland of greenery in which residents can immerse by themselves. I love living near nature, so that noises absolutely alluring.

On top of that, 16 woods on the site are being conserved, with the three largest ones located right by the entry to the condo, giving the term “grand arrival” extra meaning.

It occurred to me that three in Cantonese also sounds like the word for “life”, so some buyers will undoubtedly find that a somewhat auspicious association as well.


Thus, Stirling Residences boasts a top-notch location and intensive and well-thought-out communal facilities – but you may be wondering what about the private living spaces? What are they like and who are they ideal for?

I’m a pragmatist, so I look for sensible styles that maximise the use of space while still assigning bedrooms privacy. Knowing by the two-, three- and four-bedroom showflats : which give you plenty of luxe interior decoration ideas – the layouts are well-planned and efficient, with no wastage of room. The master bedroom of the four-bedroom apartment with an open closet.

Each apartment will be extravagantly pimped in imported fittings and appliances. I like that the developers ~ award-winning Logan Property and Nanshan Group, which are both highly ranked amidst the Top 500 China Enterprises – also offer buyers some flexibility to interior design preferences.

Another plus for me personally are the balconies. I love them because they make for a great intermediate space between indoors and outdoors and Stirling Residences’ version are well-sized, useable and regular in shape. I can see myself having morning meal and dinner there and growing the best herbs and plants.

Not only that, Smart Home features such as an air-con control and digital lockset are also built into the apartments, sparing me the requirement to install them myself. Along with the condo’s concierge service which will help with things like dry out cleaning, housekeeping and celebration management, I will be able to entertain relatives and buddies safely, conveniently and with style.

Given that Stirling Residences has a broad variety of unit measurements – from one- and two-bedroom units all the way to three- and four-bedders for larger households –I would expect a good mix of home types when residents move in. The smaller models are simply perfect for the working professional or couple, while the larger ones will comfortably house a growing family.

With more than 60 per cent of the units being one- to two-bedders, the complete amount needed to tug at myself an apartment here is also far more controllable. And if I decide to rent it out there, I will be confident that the same characteristics that pull me to it will similarly draw tenants who work in the CBD or nearby, including two MRT stops away at the One-North R&D and high tech cluster in Buona Vista.

The judgement?

Stirling Residences offers such a complete package ~ from your impressive location and amenities to convenience and a luxurious lifestyle – that it’s really quite hard to resist.

Guess it may be time for a chat with my banker.

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