Steps to creating a quality online presence with a website for real estate business

It’s no secret that people these days prefer to live in the virtual world, right from shopping for clothes, food, and gold, and now even properties are being bought online.

It, of course, saves time for the buyers and, at the same time, helps the sellers funnel down to only serious clients. The most crucial question for real estate business owners is – how do I create an effective online presence?

You’ve got many ways to begin with. For instance, social media marketing, online ads, SEO, blogging, email marketing etc, are great places to start. However, establishing a website is an ideal solution to begin your online journey.

Not only is your information present in one place, but gauging the traffic and creating extensive marketing plans becomes more efficient. Here are some tips to help you create a quality online presence with your website.

Creative User Interface

Start with understanding what a user interface is, by visiting different kinds of websites like fashion, shopping, and (of course) real estate. Observe how the initial landing page looks and feels. Then, go on about how easy it is to navigate through various sections of the website.

A good website has a clear layout, easy navigation and a search bar to help the user find information easily – along with this, ensure that the website is compatible with various devices such as desktops, smartphones, tablets and more.

Visual connect

Can you imagine running a real estate business online without any visuals? No, right! Visuals are synonyms for this industry. So, the images and videos should be of high quality. You can get creative with it by using 360-degree views, VR and walkthrough videos to create a lasting impact on the potential buyer.

Nevertheless, you should diligently provide the correct information through texts. The images will help users to imagine themselves living in the house while textual information will help them think about the logistics part like prices, property type, location, contact information and amenities. The more information you offer, the more interested a potential buyer gets.

Testimonials and CTAs

What is one thing that people believe the most? A recommendation/suggestion from someone they know. That is why reviews and testimonials have become prominent in the decision-making process. Audiences these days want to know the real-time experiences of each other before making any purchase. Adding testimonials will improve your website’s trustworthiness.

These days have you observed that no matter which website you visit, you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to take immediate action – whether it is to enter your email address or phone number? These prompts are Call-To-Action (CTA) which are direct and precise. Whether it is about contacting your agency, scheduling a property viewing, or subscribing to your newsletter, the CTAs should be visually distinct and compelling.

Content and Email Marketing

A regular blog is a perfect way to engage visitors and establish your authority in the real estate market. Create content that addresses common questions, offers market insights, and provides helpful tips for buyers and sellers. Content marketing will help you improve your website’s SEO, eventually building organic traffic.

Speaking of attracting organic traffic – email marketing is another way to build your client list. Begin finding the email address for your prospects using an email finder tool like It also comes with a Chrome extension to help you find email contacts on LinkedIn, Gmail and Salesforce!

Final thoughts

Building an engaging real estate website is essential for a successful online presence in the real estate industry. While you consider the above aspects, you should also make sure that the website is accessible for various devices too. Update your websites regularly with the latest technology and trends and provide excellent customer service to ensure a top position in the search engine ranking.

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