Stay Warm This Winter without Increasing Your Heating Cost

During this cold winter, heating and the cost of heating are a common topic of conversation. The colder it gets, people tend to crank up their heat more. However, at the end of the month, you may face a rather nasty surprise in the form of your utility bill.

There are things you can do in order to mitigate the worst of this effect without risking your comfort. Even though most people think that it’s complicated and expensive, it turns out that the best tips are those which require very little effort or investment.

Regularly Maintain Your Furnace

It’s a bit late to do this now since the heating season is in full swing, but regular maintenance of your heating system is very important. Most HVAC experts will tell you that you need to check up your furnace at least once a year. If you neglect this maintenance, you risk furnace breakdowns in the middle of the heating season, which is less than ideal.

On the other hand, performing the maintenance is fairly easy and inexpensive and can tell you a lot about your heating system, ensuring that it provides as much warmth as possible, without expending any more energy than it is necessary. Here’s how to pick a maintenance company

Use Your Thermostat

A lot of people know the temperature that they feel the most comfortable at. They set their thermostat to that temperature and don’t touch it until the end of the season. However, that is not the optimal thermostat setting. If you have one on your wall and easily accessible, use it.

Studies have shown that comfortable sleeping temperatures are significantly lower than those we prefer when we’re awake. So, lowering your thermostat before you hit the hay is not only good for the quality of your sleep but can save you a lot of money for the duration of the winter.

The same reasoning can be applied to the hours you spend at work or otherwise outside the house. You don’t need to heat an empty house to the full extent. Turning down the temperature a bit can be wallet- friendly. However, that means going back to a cold home and waiting for a long time for the house to warm up, so a lot of people choose not to follow this piece of advice.

Smart Thermostats

The introduction of the smart thermostat can change the reluctance of people to change the temperature more often. Smart thermostats can either be pre-programmed to increase or decrease the temperature at set times or be controlled by a smartphone via the internet.

It’s easy to see how these innovative devices change the game completely. If you are away from home, you can reduce the temperature and conserve energy. When you start your commute back home, you can increase the temperature using your phone and be greeted by a warm home without wasting energy on heating an empty house.

Use the Sun

Believe it or not, the Sun can provide some heat even in the winter. Even though it will not be as effective as in the summer, opening the blinds on your windows will let some of the natural light in, along with some heat. The effect is actually increased when the light goes through the glass.

Get Dressed

A lot of us would rather crank up the heat than put on a sweater in our homes. We seem to expect our homes to be warm. However, wearing warmer clothes or thicker pajamas can help us turn down the thermostat just a bit.

These methods of conserving energy may not seem particularly ingenious or revolutionary, but if we all adhered to them, we would spend a lot less on heating.

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