Staging A Home Is A Big Factor While Selling It

When you put your house on the market you will find the real estate agents asking you to stage your home. They ask you to do it because they consider staging a home to be a major factor while selling it. Come to think of it, staging a home is just common sense. You need to think like a buyer and ensure that the house meets your standards if you were to look for a home. Staging a home is actually the little things that you can do to ensure a quick sale, such as:

  • The old adage, the first impression is the best impression is true and hence you need to ensure that the prospective buyer gets a good impression of the home when he or she visits for the first time. If your home is in a dilapidated condition, the buyer will not want to buy or if he or she wants to they will ask for a significant lower price. Hence it is practical to make the exteriors look neat and clean. If the exterior needs to be painted ensure that it is done. If you have a lawn make sure that the grass is mowed and if you have kept junk in your yard make sure that they are placed in the garage or if possible sell it. If you have a driveway you can make it inviting by placing pots along the sides.
  • The living room is the next room that the buyer would see and an ideal scenario would be to rid all the clutter. What seems like essential for you could be deemed as clutter by the buyer and when there are a lot of furniture and memorabilia etc., the home can look smaller than it actually is. You should rent storage units Palm Springs and keep your things there. Just keep a few items of furniture and the room will look spacious and large. Tip: Keep the drapes and windows open. Natural light and air will ensure the room looks big and also enliven the mood.
  • The kitchen is the room where you will most probably close the sale. This is the place where sales are made or broken according to real estate agents. Most buyers will check all the appliances in the kitchen and if they are not working they will not go ahead with the buy or ask you to make a lot of compromises on your asking price. Ideally you should ensure that all the appliances are in working condition. You should also ensure that the faucets are not dripping and the tiles are not broken etc. Tip: Bake bread or biscuits when the prospective buyer is about to arrive. The fragrance of freshly baked food will help to improve the mood.

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