Spruce Up the Yard - Easy Makeovers

Spruce Up the Yard: Easy Makeovers

We all take pride in the look and function of our yards. From designing a custom playset to adding patio and decks, cooking faculties, or pumping up landscapes and gardens, you want to create a space that’s fun, recreational, and appealing. And you don’t need a lot of money or even a big yard for this.

Plotting Out the Space

Take a good look at the area and decide what you want to do with it. Do you want to cook, dine, lounge, play? Have a concept. Too many homeowners don’t put a lot of planning into their yards. A big mistake, leading to constant redecorating and unnecessary rebuilding.

Concrete Cover-up

You can spruce up concrete patio floors in inexpensive ways. Get a fresh look by coating the surface with a masonry stain. You can even play around with patterns, like checkerboards. Another option is to place slate tiling on the concrete. It should have a thin mortar setting. Tiling promises to leave one heck of an elegant appearance.


A trellis adds a touch of sophistication to a garden. Create easy accenting, letting it become a focal point of the yard. It can mark an entrance to a flower bed or your sitting area. Spruce the sight up with a flowering vine placed on either side.

A Nice Coat of Paint

It’s a daring move for the adventurous but paint the side of the house facing the back a different color. Go with a shade that compliments the yard’s architecture. Neutral colors (beige, soft gray, taupe) will brighten the scene. If your yard has a stone path, this idea will highlight landscaping features.

Add Dimension

Thinking horizontal can put a new spin on the area. Most yards are flat and large. You can change the perspective by adding large rocks or even boulders to the space. These can be purchased at landscaping supply stores. Cluster them or arrange them individually. Make sure it doesn’t obscure or overshadow plants and shrubbery.


Use a similar colored mulch around exposed soil and flowerbeds to create a backyard carpet. It will furnish the space with a unified and finished appeal. A nice benefit is mulched weeds contain nutrients that will nourish plants.

Put in a Path

If you have the yardage, a path will give the surroundings a natural, yet polished, look. Instead of pavers, go with crushed, quarter-inch rock. It’s available in many colors. Use driven stakes to establish shape. After, wrap bender board that’s used in edging lawns around them. Set them on four to five inches of crushed rock, then use a plate compactor to flatten the surface. A compactor can be rented from a home supply or garden supply center.

Put in a Storage Bench

Some of the comforts used indoors can be beneficial to your yard. You can get a do-it-yourself kit that only takes a day to put together. It can look high end and be used for everything from holding grilling tools to toys.

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