Solar Gas Geyser: Repair and Installation

Solar energy is an alternate energy source for electricity, coal, oil, etc. Most Americans have traditional hot water heaters and suffer from frustrations associated with this appliance when it breaks.The solar geyser is the best alternative for traditional hot water geyser. By installing solar gas geyser, you can save your electric bills.Conventional geysers emit tons of CO2 which causes more pollution whereas Solar geysers do not emit CO2 which causes global warming. Governments encourage people to install solar water geysers.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are established on the roof of the houses and buildings to harness solar energy. These panels can convert solar energy into electrical energy with little expertise. Batteries, inverters, wires, and voltage regulators are the materials required for creating the panels. They can be purchased in bulk quantities at discount rate and tax benefits. When solar energy falls on the panel, Solar PV (photovoltaic) cells are agitated by the phenomenon known as the photovoltaic effect. Solar PV includes solar roof tiles, thin film solar cells, printed solar cells and shingles. They perform consistently and you don’t have to spend a lot on annual maintenance. From the solar heating system, the water is moved around by passive circulation or forced circulation which raises the hot water to the top and stored into the storage tank. Heating process begins when the cold water flows down to the storage container (collector) below.

Benefits of Solar Water Geyser

Many people are switching over solar geysers to heat up water according to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute there are around one and half a million people using solar water geysers in the USA. It will cut down the amount of energy needed to heat the water by at least 50-80%. Solar water geysers work best in areas where the temperatures do not drop below freezing. Thirty percent of tax credits are offered for homeowners when they install a solar heating system. The solar geysers have to be approved and certified by the Solar Rating and Certificate Corporation in the US.

Go Green! Install a Solar Water Geyser

Consumers should reach the standards required for their zoning and building codes and hire a certified installer. Most municipalities require a building permit to install the solar water heater onto an existing home. Maintenance of solar geysers includes inspection of the pipes, fittings and solar panels for the potential leak. It also includes degraded areas such as the corrosion on the tank and exposed surfaces, pipe insulation, flushing and draining the solar storage tank. To perform the necessary repair, it is important to understand the solar water geyser system and its components, how it works, plumbing and electrical system. You can contact a professional to do a better job. Here is a good example of a great installation is Plumber Centurion which provides affordable and effective home and office solutions. They are more focused on satisfying the client needs and provide 24/7 plumbing service. Visit to know about their services and for their assistance.


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