Smart Handyman Service You Can Be Sure of

Need a building handyman? For the greatest number, it is on the Internet that the research of the handyman is done. This is good because the offer is wide and the proposals transparent. But, after a few clicks, many are lost, facing the jungle of solutions presented, and end up mandating an expert, without really knowing if it’s the right one.

So how to choose a building expert?

How to be sure that it will respond appropriately to the needs expressed (or even unidentified, while very real)? What are the criteria to be used to make your choice?

The technical expertise of construction is a science based on construction techniques and civil engineering. The experts, graduates of engineering schools in civil engineering, or equivalent, put their skills and know-how at the service of owners, simple tenants or candidates for acquisition, in need. Our passion for the profession of building handyman has been driving us for more than 30 years. We always practice with the independence and the professionalism necessary to illuminate, in an efficient way, the disorders, deficiencies and nonconformities affecting the dwellings.

How to choose a building expert

Choosing a building expert: skills and experience

Real estate pathologies are generally complex; the handyman must have a solid foundation in construction, but also an experience of the trade. The building experts are all competent.

So choose preferably a firm of expertise that has strong references (especially with the courts, banks, notaries, large companies) and, above all, which includes, in its ranks, graduate building engineers, specialized in cracks, problem of moisture or reinforced concrete structures. Pay attention to self-employed entrepreneurs or liberals, who touch everything and are sometimes only trained on the job. For the handyman services this is the best one that you can hang on to.

Criteria to choose when choosing a building expert

Independence: the handyman is neutral; he does not participate in the act of building and has no connection with architects, builders and general contractors.

The nature of the handyman: prefer recognized consulting firms, to entrepreneurs who have proclaimed themselves experts in buildings.

Skills: ask for your problem to be dealt with by a qualified, specialized building engineer.

Experience: consult recognized consulting firms with decades of experience.

Notoriety: do research on the internet to find out if it’s a real firm of expertise. Unfortunately we find a lot of fake experts building.

Size: the bigger the cabinet, the more likely you are to have a specialized handyman near you.

Insurance: ask the firm to provide you with professional indemnity insurance. If he does not have or is reluctant to deliver it to you, flee.

Thehandyman report: verify that anhandyman report will be given to you and that the handyman will be liable with the firm’s seal and signature.

the quality approach: Firms of expertise in serious buildings, which offer an offer dedicated to individuals, also work for the courts or for industrial or tertiary companies on the same issues (cracks, humidity), but with more important issues. Ask for references from professional clients.

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