Small Bedroom: Small Interventions to Transform It

Bedrooms tend to be decorative neglected, especially if they are small. Small bedrooms usually create storage issues as their space is limited. As a result they end up being messy and transformed into rooms used exclusively for the need of sleep.

However, you should not forget that the bedroom is a very personal space. Even if its main purpose is to host you during the night, it does not mean it has to be neglected. On the contrary, if it is organized and beautiful it will help you calm down and spend enough quality time inside it.

So, you can make interventions that will save you space, be functional and transform it into your personal retreat in style and taste.

Wall Table

If your room does not have enough room to place a large bedside, you do not have to worry. A small wall shelf can work very handy next to your bed to place your personal items and books.

Bed Feet

You can take advantage of the space under your bed to save things, just … lifting it! Purchase bed legs at the height you want to create space and decongest the rest of the room.

Hanging Tables

Another small, yet very original idea, is to place a pendant table, fastening it with a hook on the ceiling. It will serve you and will be a very special decorative item.

Space for clothes

If you do not have a wardrobe, you can create the conditions to get space to hang your clothes. All you need is two hooks on the ceiling and a bar that will hold clothes hangers.

Storage space at the door Do not let the space behind your bedroom door go missing. Purchase a door cabinet to store jewelry, scarves, scarves, hats or any other personal item.

Turn the small office into a bedside table If you want a desk and a bedside table, but your bedroom is small to fit them, place the desk just next to the bed. This way you can also use it as a bedside table when you need it.

Wall Lamp

To gain space, obtain a light fitting that can be screwed onto the wall. It will leave your little table free and stylishly decorate your little bedroom.

Vintage Aesthetics

Vintage is now considered one of the most popular words in the field of decoration. Vintage touches in a home give character. Select small furniture with strong shades that will give your room a fresh look both in the winter and in the summer.

Paint your headboard

This particular train has made its appearance last but must be done by someone special to make the result decent. Paint your wall in a beautiful shade and instead of a regular headboard, see the only … painted. You should, however, be sure of the location of your bed. If you like to move it and change it often, then it is best not to adopt it.

Mixed prints

Eat the tangled prints! If the biggest fashion designers suggest the tangled prints on their catwalks then we can taste it without fear in our decoration. Mix different prints. To fit easily, find prints with the same color base.

Play with lighting

If the atmosphere is the most important to enter a more relaxed mood, just adjust your luminaires so that you can change their intensity. You can also get rid of the central lighting by selecting a peripheral for better results. Some decorative lights with a relaxed light will make it easier for you to have a more loving mood. Alternately and more economically, you can invest in some beautiful candles that will surely create in the minute the sensual atmosphere you desire. Avoid the aromatic candles to which this research refers to the worst words.

You can also look online on HouseByUs for some great decorative ideas for your kitchen and transform your other room of the house too. The result will surprise you!

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