small backyard above ground pool decks

Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Decks

Having a pool in the backyard is a dream for many homeowners. However, not everyone has the luxury of a large outdoor space. For those with smaller yards, an above ground pool with a deck can be the perfect solution to have a beautiful and functional pool area. This article explores various ideas and considerations for small backyard above ground pool decks.

Benefits of Above Ground Pool Decks:

  1. Space Utilization: Above ground pool decks are great for small backyards as they utilize vertical space, and can even provide extra seating areas around the pool.
  2. Aesthetics: A deck can greatly enhance the appearance of an above ground pool, making it more integrated and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Accessibility: A deck adjacent to an above ground pool makes it easier to get in and out of the pool.
  4. Additional Space: Decks can serve as an additional space for poolside furniture, plants, or a BBQ area.

These versatile platforms extend your living area into the outdoors, providing room for relaxation, entertainment, and connecting with nature. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, tending to potted plants, or hosting a barbecue gathering, decks offer a dedicated space that seamlessly blends with your outdoor environment. Just make sure whatever celebration or event you are having, to keep your privacy. You might want to use some of those decorative privacy panels if you have a see-through fence already built.

Design Ideas for Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Decks:

  1. Wrap Around Deck: One common design is a wrap-around deck which encircles the above ground pool. This design can make the pool feel more integrated into the yard and provides ample space for lounging and entertaining.
  2. Partial Surround Deck: For a more compact design, consider having a deck that covers only one side or a portion of the pool. This can save space while still providing the benefits of a pool deck.
  3. Multi-Level Deck: In really tight spaces, consider a multi-level deck. This design not only adds interest but can also provide distinct areas for different activities such as dining, lounging, or sunbathing.
  4. Floating Deck with Steps: Create a small floating deck with steps leading up to the pool. This design is minimalistic but can give a modern and clean look to your backyard.
  5. Corner Deck: If your pool is situated in the corner of your backyard, you can build a corner deck that extends from one edge of the pool and hugs the adjacent sides. This optimizes space and creates a cozy nook.


  1. Materials: Choose materials that are weather-resistant and durable. Common choices for pool decks are pressure-treated wood, composite decking, and PVC decking.
  2. Safety Features: Include safety features such as railings and non-slip surfaces. Additionally, consider a lockable gate to prevent unsupervised access to the pool.
  3. Maintenance: Think about the maintenance required for the deck material you choose. Some materials may require regular sealing and staining, while others may just need an occasional wash.
  4. Permits and Regulations: Before beginning construction, check local building codes and obtain any necessary permits. This is important as there may be specific regulations regarding pools and decks.
  5. Professional Assistance: Even though a deck might seem like a doable DIY project, it might be beneficial to consult with or hire a professional. This ensures that the deck is built correctly and safely.


Small backyard above ground pool decks are an excellent way to maximize space and enhance the enjoyment of your pool. By considering your backyard’s layout and your personal preferences, you can design a deck that is not only functional but also adds beauty and value to your home.

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