Signs You Need Air Conditioner Installations Services in Tampa, FL!

It’s hot outside and you can’t take it anymore! Your old air conditioning system has finally given out on you and now your family is sweltering in the heat. You need to get an air conditioner installed, but how do you know when that time comes? Here are signs that indicate that it’s time for air conditioner installations services in Tampa, FL.

  1. Your system is old and inefficient

If your current air conditioning unit was installed before 1993, it may be time to call for an installation. The energy efficiency of these units has significantly improved over the years and you should take advantage of them! If it’s been more than 20 years since your last upgrade, there are many new models that will reduce your monthly bills while cooling down your home in no time at all. 

Your older AC could also use some repairs or modifications because a poor working unit can cause problems like: humidity build up, mold growth due to water damage from faulty equipment or piping leaks/cracks, indoor allergies (due to dust), bacteria (from dirty evaporator coils) even structural damage – especially if your unit is leaking water.

If your system requires extensive AC repair services in Palm Harbor, FL, you may want to consider an air conditioner installation instead of simply plugging up the hole where your current AC used to be with a window unit or portable fan. 

  1. You’ve had problems with your air conditioner breaking down

The first sign that you need to call for an installation is if your AC has stopped working on a regular basis. A system that breaks down frequently will not be doing its job of keeping the inside cool and comfortable, causing your energy bills to skyrocket as it runs more than necessary. 

If you find yourself replacing parts or calling out for repairs all too often, consider getting a new unit installed so it can work properly again! The newer models are made from better materials and have been tested rigorously by industry professionals, meaning they’ll last longer and provide greater comfort throughout summer months (and winter). 

Another reason why this may is because there’s something wrong with the AC’s electrical system. Your utility bill should double or triple when your AC is broken, so if you are noticing this type of increase in costs it may be time to get an installation done because there could be something off with the wiring that needs to be fixed before it causes more damage and problems.

Fixing a malfunctioning air conditioner can cost as much as $500-$1000 per hour by a professional technician for labor alone! If they need parts too (which will likely happen) those fees will add up quickly as well making an install about the same price just cheaper long term and less hassle over all. 

If you’re afraid of losing money on your current unit though not having energy efficient enough then we would recommend doing both.

This can be done by installing a new air conditioner and supplementing the old system with a window unit (or two) as well. This will provide cooling for both your living spaces and work areas, meaning you’ll save money on energy bills while staying cool! 

The best part about this type of upgrade is that it doesn’t require any extra installation or rewiring; all you need to do is plug in an AC unit into an existing electrical outlet and voila – instant comfort! 

You may even find that some homes actually benefit from having separate systems: one for lower levels like basements, garages etc. another specifically designed for upper floors where people tend to spend more time/sleep at night, then a third for living spaces where humans spend the most time.

This is particularly beneficial when you have a large or multi-story home and want to take advantage of extra space cooling capabilities without using up so much electricity overall. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, call our local HVAC company- Xpress Quality Services today! We can help find an efficient solution that fits within your budget – guaranteed!

Have more questions? We can help! Call Xpress Quality Services at 813-518-0897 for professional advice and assistance today! 



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