When it comes to house maintenance, all areas are essential. House siding maintenance is as critical as roof renovation and as well as replacement. However minor the siding damages may seem, most people don’t realize it can cause significant impairment to a house’s structural integrity or even unbudgeted costs. For that reason, an eligible siding contractor helps in filling the gap to get a quality repair. Also to note some people may find it hard to know when their siding needs repair or replacement. The following are signs that show the need for house siding replacement or repairs.

Hidden Dry Rot

Dry rot is one of the most common problems that goes undetected since it cannot be observed by the naked eye. This is because the Fungus that leads to the dry rot eats the house siding inwardly leaving the outward intact and looking as if in good condition. The main thing here is to find the dry rot before it gets noticeable.

It can be found by tapping the siding with a rubber handle. If tapped and a hollow noise comes from it, then there is a chance that it’s a dry rot. Consulting a roofing contractor makes it important for quality siding repair or replacement planning.

Increase in Cooling & Heating Bills

The homeowner may be noticing an abnormal rise in cooling and heating bills, which after inspecting the attic, makes it important to proceed on inspecting house siding. The primary reason for house siding lies not only on beauty but also on insulation which is essential for keeping the cooled and heated air locked. It is again important to note that not all siding and insulation are equally made. Getting the siding inspected could lead to controlled cooling and heating bills.


If the paint-work of a house does not hold for an expected duration, then it is crucial to get the siding inspected and worked on. A house that needs repainting every four to six years means that there is a likelihood of the siding having some problems. Severe paint fade or loss of color to the siding is a clear sign that the waterproof material has failed.

Cracked or Loose Siding

Loose and cracked siding is a factor that may not be obvious to the naked eye. If there is a massive storm in the locality, it could be best to inspect the siding afterward. This is because some boards may get loose or even get cracked in the case of a windy storm. And there is no need to be alarmed but to replace the damaged panels before they cause more damage to the house’s interior when that happens. All broken and loose siding should be removed and replaced to curb water from leaking through the damaged pieces.

These are a  thatIf observed well, these few but essential tips, if observed well, could give heads up on knowing the right time to arrange for repairs or replacement to one’s house siding.

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