Seven DIY Window Frame Ideas for Your Homes

Window frame installation is something that you may not have thought of having to do when you moved into your home. You also may not have realized the price that comes with having to hire someone to install a new window frame for you. Whether you need to replace a window frame due to necessity or aesthetics, you may want to try your hand at it yourself. There are several window framing guides to simplify the process and to reduce your work in hand.

In the list below, we will be going over the seven DIY window frame ideas for your home.

  1. Composite Window Frames

Though there are cost-effective ways to replace windows, when you are thinking of window frames to install, you will want to go with something that will last for a long time. Composite window frames are made of aluminum and wood or vinyl and wood. With these kinds of frames, you have an incredibly stable and energy-efficient frame. Keep in mind that composite frames are high in cost. So, just do your research and see if you and your family plan on being in your home for a long period of time.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl frames are actually one of the most popular window frames to install. The reason is that they are affordable, and they don’t really require a lot of maintenance. You can fill vinyl window frames with insulation and have an energy-efficient frame that offers more moisture resistance. The only disadvantage that vinyl has to other framing is the appearance. Vinyl window frames only come in a few colors, with white being the most popular. Because of this, vinyl frames are often considered to be tacky. Don’t let that fool you, though, for a DIY project; you want to go with something affordable.

  1. Wood Frames

Wood frames are great looking and, therefore, quite popular. With a beautiful look and feel to them, wood frames can be made to match both your interior and exterior spaces. This traditional option is great for insulation, which everyone needs to help keep the utility bill down. When you are considering wood frames, take into account that wood framing requires maintenance. You are probably tackling a DIY window framing insulation project because you want to save money, so having something that will require money be put into it may not be very cost-effective in the long run. Also, wood is quite costly. Make sure you look at all of the options that you can before deciding what you want to go with.

  1. Fiberglass Frames

This is possibly the most durable window frames. Stronger than vinyl, fiberglass resists fading and cracking much longer than most materials. Though much more expensive than vinyl, it is unlikely to expand and contract. These are things that you want to keep in mind while preparing to install a fiberglass window frame.

  1. Paint Your Window Frames

This is truly a DIY idea because of the previous window type. Certain window frames, such as a fiberglass frame, can be painted. Who doesn’t want their frames to have accent colors to really make the home pop? This, of course, is something that you would be interested in, but just keep in mind that when it comes to painting your window frames, you are also taking on the responsibility of needing to repaint the frames as time goes on. If this is something you feel you won’t want to do, then it’s suggested not to paint them.

  1. Different Size Windows

When you are looking at how to make your house stand out, setting up different sized windows can really add a subtle change to the look of your home. You have the option, when creating the space for your window frame, to see how large or how small you want your window to be. By doing this, you are adding personality to your house’s interior and exterior. This will most likely require some extra preparation on your part, and you have to make sure you measure twice, but it is worth it in the end.

  1. Go with a Different Shape

Just like in the previous example, you don’t need to go for the traditional square window frame. There are all kinds of windows out there; cathedral, picture windows, bay windows, sliding windows, and more. All of these require a different kind of window framing that you would not typically think of doing.

Make sure you do some planning beforehand and really get your hands dirty with this next DIY project! In some cases, even with careful planning, you might need professional help for window installation. Wells Customs Framers provides solutions to customization and replacement of windows in Massachusetts and Connecticut. With over two decades of experience, they are one of the most sought after companies.



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