Setting up Your Wireless Router So That you can Use it from all over Your Home

You bought a new router and wanted all your home devices connected to it. This Home Wi-Fi Installer guide will help you out with your process.

Installing a new router shouldn’t be a difficult process. And these days the manufacturers are making the job easier for you. The new routers come with ports which are company labeled, sometimes color coded, so users easily understand the difference. They are already made with the basic configuration at the factory which simplifies more of your job. There are companies like Eero and Google Wi-Fi, which are mesh-based Wi-Fi system and very easy to use, offering seamless app-based setup.

Select the Right Router

The router is the heart of Wi-Fi connection, so for selecting one invest some time and research appropriately. The router if only having WEP security, should be upgraded or changed, as WEP is no longer secured.

Get Online

If the modem is already provided to you, follow the following steps:

  • The modem should be turned off,
  • Modem’s Ethernet cable should be unplugged from the PC,
  • That cable should be connected to the WAN or port marked as Internet Port of your router.
  • Your modem should be powered,
  • Power on the router,
  • To the Lan Port of your PC, another Ethernet cable should be connected.
  • Turn on your PC.

By default, most of the routers use DHCP through which automatically IP address is assigned to your computer.

Management Console

After the connection between your PC and router is made, you need to configure your router. Routers are connected web browsers of apps and have a default IP address, account and password. Enter the IP address of the modem on your browser and press Enter key. A page will open, there you put the default account’s name and password and press Enter.

The password should be changed from the default once you entered and you should upgrade firmware to the latest release.

Activate your Wi-Fi

After your network is set, now you should activate your wifi. The wifi in most of the modems these days gets automatically activated, there can be a little button on your router to enable or disable your Wi-Fi, so if in any case, it is not on, you can press it and check.

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