Selling your house

If you’re planning to sell your house, keep these handy tricks in mind.

  1. Show the buyer storage space- buyers are always interested to know if they will have adequate storage space. A simple thing to do is to keep your closets and draws half-full. This gives them a sense of room and what they can use as space. The things you take away from the cupboards and other spaces can be safely deposited in storage units North York for the duration of the house being on display.
  2. Polish your house up- nothing is more off putting to a buyer than clutter. Make sure the house is clean, well-organised and clutter-free. At this point, you should consider your pets. While you may love your dog or cat, the buyer might not. Imagine they walk into the house and see a half-chewed toy, puppy chow on the floor or a well-used litter box? Besides, they may be scared of animals too. The last thing you want is for them to run scared. So when we say clean up, clean up after your pets or keep them with you during the showing of the house.
  3. Get the price right- you might be tempted to hike up the asking price of the house but it would be better to check around, see what the price of a house that size is and then LOWER, not raise the price. This will surely get people interested in coming to see your property. Once there, you can rely on your negotiation skills to do the rest.
  4. Let there be light- a sense of air and light is extremely comforting and goes a long way in creating goodwill and positive vibes. Clean the windows, get lighter curtains, move to mellow warm lighting and remove any impediment in the way of letting sunlight into your house. That includes too thick foliage and unruly branches and plants in the garden.
  5. Make the space impersonal- for a sale, it’s important for the buyer to see themselves in that space. Remove memorabilia, personalised decorative items and keepsakes. Put them in the same storage you’ve rented for other things. Look at the space with a critical eye and see what needs to be done to make it appeal to a wider audience.
  6. Don’t go whole-hog-it’s a common mistake that sellers make- if they update everything, they can present an almost brand new house is the common belief. You could end up spending a whole lot of money but not get as much as you’d like out of the investment. Better would be too keep things restricted to the most essential requirements. For example, fix leaking taps, clean up soap buildup, tighten cabinets and handles, fix the sagging post-box, mow the lawn- small changes that go a long way.
  7. Make a great first impression- first impressions are everything! Make a great one and you can be guaranteed of a sale. Look at the façade of the house, front and back, the garden, patio and other fixtures. A cheerful door, well-maintained plants and a warm glow are all important to make a favourable impression.
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