Scandinavian Interior Design Tricks to Better Understand Minimalism

Did you know that minimalistic interior designs are a trend since the early 60s? It all stemmed from the modern art scene where minimalistic designs, including the abstract motifs and geometric designs, were the cornerstone for bespoke pieces. The squares and rectangles dominated the scene from which the idea for minimalistic interior design was born. 

What makes minimalism so unique?

Human life has always been challenged by the chaos of life and the excesses that dominated the scene. Historically, abundance has always been the downfall of humanity. Minimalism is based on the fact that “less is more.” As the conceptual art movement grew all across Europe and parts of Asia and America, the idea for minimalism as an interior décor trend became popular. 

Any art form and interior décor are all about the expression of emotion. Minimalism is another form of expressing what you feel through the facets of simplicity along with a dash of order and harmony. That is a sure-fire recipe for success in this urban, fast-paced world. Instead of the excesses of the society, here is your chance to indulge in an art form where balance, simplicity and serenity are the keys to achieving inner peace at your home. This makes your personal space look divine and truly a place to unwind. 

Clearing some misconceptions

Before we get into the details of minimalism, let us assure you that minimalism doesn’t mean just the paintings. Minimalism can present a vibrant or raw look depending on the type of the object. Various materials are used for minimalistic installations that include the fiberglass, metal sheets, plywood, and plastic. 

Minimalism and interior decoration

Minimalism is another name for simplicity. For individuals with a refined taste about the aesthetics, this is your chance to be involved in a global trend that sets you apart from the masses. Highlight your décor materials and design elements through minimalism and enjoy a clutter-free personal space. No more symbolic art pieces that are oversized and has overtones, more than what is required for a calm and soothing environment. 

Minimalism and Scandinavian interior design

Minimalism is a trend that was perfected in the Scandinavia. Some proponents and experts of minimalism would even argue it was created in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. But, we are keeping that argument aside. Instead, we are concentrating on the features that were so crucially imbued in the minimalistic art scheme that was surely borne from the Scandinavian society that still to this day is loyal at avoiding the excesses of life. 

The Scandinavian interior design designs essentially put functionality above every other scheme. It is more important than style and fashion and glitz. Think about pieces that offer your full functionality not hampered by any design flaws or positioning complications. Some would argue minimalism puts every design piece into perspective and focuses everyone’s attention in the room. 

Minimalism is essential because it makes your room look airy, light and bright. It also helps you to access spaces better and use a property for its real value and purpose. Maintain a neutral or a subdued color palette is highly crucial for minimalistic art trends. Yes, you can contrast a specific corner, but keep in mind that it’s the only corner that will dazzle, and that is the trick. You can emphasize the lighting in your room through minimalism which makes it useful for reading and working purposes as well. 

So, how do you even begin? Here are some key facts to keep in mind. 

Understanding rustic designs and the uniformity

It is not minimalism if it doesn’t make room for geometric shapes, at least to some extent. These work with any setting since geometric shapes are laced with simplicity. These designs and forms do not need any embellishment to get recognized. A rustic look with repetitions is what you are looking for, ideally. This will make your living quarters the perfect place to take rest “far from the madding crowd” in its most authentic essence. 

Getting rid of clutter elements

The first trick is the match the décor, color scheme and the artwork. Once you are done, maintain the tidiness of the place. Now that you have avoided the ornate designs, it is all about how you maintain the place. Avoid keeping things unorganized, and the only way to avoid cluttering is to have the minimum amount of furnishings and only what you require. Get rid of the unnecessary and look for quality in every purchase you make. Arrange all your excesses in a storage space to tidy up the living space. 

Look for minimalistic color trends like the monochromes. These increase the light inside the room as well as give the space an airy feel. All of this coupled together will make for a property that is high on simplicity and doesn’t make for a “jarring-vision.” Focus on furniture keeping in mind the hue of the rooms for the best possible effect. It will take a bit of practice and getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, you will surely receive the compliments from your neighbors and friends.

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