Renovate Your Kitchen With Fascinating Granite Countertop

In the 1980s, the fascinating granite countertops first appeared in Toronto. At that time, they were available in just two shades and most individuals were not aware of the presence of this naturally produced stone that was replacing Formica very quickly. As the granite countertops Toronto began to achieve more prominence, new colors, textures and patterns were added over the following decades. Today you can find granite countertops in 15 different colors. Although you can settle for the subdued tones, playing with vibrant granite has been showing impressive results. Here are five less known granite shades.

Black – Agatha Black

Black granite can bring an infinite wave and pattern to your kitchen design. Yes, nothing new about this color, but when the countertops are correctly mounted, the effects are simply astonishing. It is assumed that Agatha black granite came from Brazil and is one of the most common granite for countertops. Black and white colors are available. This granite is perfectly mixed with different materials, including stainless steel, porcelain, natural wood, and enamel. You can install this in the bathroom and an outdoor living room with its shiny finish.

Blue – Blue Bahia

This is the world’s second best-known granite. The stone is magnificent and comes with gold and white elite clusters. In Coastal Africa, most blue granites are mined. Thanks to its wonderful patterns, waves, and clusters, the material is a great pick. It is an excellent choice for fireplace surrounds, bathrooms, and tabletops.

White – Roma Imperiale

These granites can be used to establish an impressive focus. Roma Imperiale offers a beautiful focal point with drama and vividness. Thanks to its soft, white background with crisscrossing golden veins, this is the perfect choice for fountains, pool capping, backsplashes, countertops, and window sills. The Roma Imperiale is a versatile and Brazilian option for indoor and outdoor applications.  The designs are perfectly matched with any decoration.

Green – Caribbean Green

This is one of the few items that can match anywhere without appearing out of place in your house. But because of the soothing and stimulating feeling it radiates, the alternative is perfect for bathrooms. Thanks to its calm, blue waves, green, blue, and striations, as they automatically transform the bathroom into the Caribbean tropics. The Caribbean Green is perfect for shower walls, floors, backsplashes, and countertops. Whatever you like in your home in Toronto, you can comfortably do this with granite. Granite needs no upkeep and comes in a range of colors.

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