Reasons your basement leaks in winter

Seeing leaky basements after your winter vacations may stress you. Spending your time cleaning and mopping your home is really hectic and tedious. And, yes, costly too! Hence, it is important to find out why it happened to overcome these issues. There are several reasons you may see leakage in your basement in winter. Take a look at some:

Clogged gutters and sewage pipes

The leakage and flooding in the basement can majorly happen because of clogged gutters and drains. Water may back up and start overflowing in the basement because of clogged debris in the drain. The same can happen with downspouts. If the water gets drained near the foundation, it can leak into the basement. Waterproofing PD Company Toronto helps you resolve all issues related to sewage pipes and blocked gutters.

Improper installation of downspouts and gutters

If the gutters and downspouts are incorrectly installed, it may cause water leakage in the basement during winters. Gutters and downspouts release water close to your home, and if they are improperly installed, it can cause leakage. The released water will drive hydrostatic pressure near the foundation and prove a major reason for leakage. So, a major responsibility of the water management system is to maintain your drain systems well and always keep them at a distance from your home. Ensure to inspect them from time to time to know their functioning. And, lastly, prevent throwing debris into it.

Cracks on the floor and walls 

The cracks in the foundation or floor are efficient openings for water to enter your basement and cause leakage. The cracks will be there in the foundation and eventually cause the accumulation of moisture. It will lead to a leakage in the basement during winters. To resolve the issue, you should choose a reasonable waterproofing solution.

Inefficient functioning of a sump pump

If the sump pump malfunctions, it will cause a basement leak in the winter. Several basements have a sump pump installed to release water out of their house, but if it fails to work appropriately, it can cause leakage in the water system. A sump pump is made to send water out of the basement in an efficient manner. However, if it starts flooding and fails to direct water out of the house, it will cause leakage in your basement.

You need to pay attention to the reason that has caused the leakage issue, and along with treating the cause, you should also address the impact. Resolve the leakage issue and overcome the problems to avoid it in the future.

Where can you find the best help to resolve your basement leaking issues?

Waterproofing PD is your one-stop solution to fix all your issues related to basement leakage. It is the best place to find wet basement solutions in Toronto. All you need to do is contact these professionals and get your property instantly inspected to know the damage and the perfect remedy for it. They will give you an instant quote and immediately resolve the issue.

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