Reasons Why Social Media Attracts Millennial Home Buyers

The current digital world is being lead by social media apps. From LinkedIn to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram, no social media platform is considered any less important from the other. Every app holds a unique meaning and purpose in people’s lives.

Social media is increasingly becoming a revenue driver for companies. Whether you own a small business or a giant brand, run a clothing store or a software house, social media presence can be the game changer for you.

It is now the most effective way to engage with customers and clients, build your public image and generate leads for every business irrespective of the industry. Check out famoid instagram follower service here.

How Does Social Media Drive Millennial Purchasing?

The lives of millennials are completely integrated with technology and social apps. Whether they’re in office, at a coffee house or at a subway, they’re going their social media accounts all the time. This makes social platforms an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach out to them.

Millennials are not using social media just to stay in touch with friends or for entertainment anymore; it is now their primary source of news, debates, opinions and even buying. Brands can really leverage the relationship millennials share with social media to drive and boost their sale

Even though they are an opinionated and price conscious generation, millennials pay a lot of attention to social media when it comes to buying decisions. According to a report published by Deloitte, social media impacts the purchase decision of 47% millennials.

That means every other millennial relies on social media when he decide to buy something.

Customer ratings, reviews, feedback and other forms of user-generated content grab the attention of millennial social media users the most. Learning about the personal experiences and stories of other users motivates them to buy from a particular company or brand.

Digital coupons, discount codes, and other promotional campaigns on social media also entice millennial buyers. They are excited to become part of promotional campaigns for their favorite brands.

Social media provides companies an excellent platform to network and engage with its customers. Companies that strive to build genuine relationship with their customers, not in a promotional way but in a more organic and personalized way, manage to influence millennials the most.

Social Media’s Influence on Millennial Home Buyers

As with other industries, social media is exerting its power on real estate as well. Keeping this in mind intelligent realtors like sands realty myrtle beach  keep their social media handles active so they can maintain an engagement channel with their clients and buyers.

Millennials are affected by the home buying habits of their social media friends more than any other generation. Looking at the pictures of their friends’ new houses or reading up home buying experiences of their acquaintances is motivating young adults to buy a house of their own more than ever before.

According to Bank of America’s survey conducted in 2018, FOMO or the ‘fear of missing out” has become a considerable force in encourage young home buyers. Learning about good home ownership experience of their friends, buying a home seems more achievable to them and they’re likely to make a move and purchase a house.

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) millennials are the most active generation of buyers with 36% of people under 25 owning a house. Millennials are also more willing to share about their newly purchased house on social media more so than a new job, car or even a baby. NAR also suggests that even though social media has an influence on all first time home buyers, millennials make up 65% of all first time buyers.

With all this information, real estate companies should take note of the importance of social media presence to broaden their customer reach and strengthen their image. Sands Realty is one such company that provides professional real estate services. You can check their social media handles to find out more, as well as for reading up the users’ experiences with sand realty properties. Check out even mormon bloggers are using facebook






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