We all need a good garbage disposal that will clean all the remaining food waste that is put inside it without making a thunderous noise. The Waste King 9940 belongs to this category.  

Why should we choose Waste King?
Waste King has never disappointed its customers. They provide disposals worth the money with fancy looks and power packed performance. Their products are the bestsellers in the market.  If you plan a garbage disposal within a budget go for Waste King. Without costing a bomb like other disposals, they provide quality operations.

The main features of this Waste King Garbage Disposal Unit are mentioned below:
Speed and power
The model Waste King 9940 comes with a ¾ HP motor with 2700 RPM speed. It is totally capable of disposing of hard and a big amount of food wastes within a time limit.

3-Bolt Mounting System
Most of Waste King models come with the EZ mounting system. The 9940 model has the 3 bolt mounting system. It is easy to remove and install this unit on your own.

The unit produces a medium noise level – neither too loud nor too silent-  which can be tolerated.

The price of this disposal unit is very competitive like the products from other brands. There are products from Waste King that can be purchased within that range providing the same operations.

Value for money
This disposal unit gives you value for money undoubtedly. It costs less than the other products with ¾ HP motor. It is a quality product that works efficiently and is long lasting.  

Durability and Warranty
A Waste King model can last up to 15 years if used properly. It comes with 8 years in home warranty along with a lifetime corrosion guarantee.

Other features include
Nonremovable splash guard
Power cord included
Spacious grinding chamber

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