Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company

There are certainly some months in the year which are usually tagged as the busy time in the year when most of us have to move to a new house? Yes, one of them is the month of May as well as a couple of others. May is a national month for moving. Then leave your bouquets and pick up those cardboard packs. Better still, before you begin packing, it’s an ideal time to start planning on how you can get a very smooth move, and the right way to do this is by hiring a large reputable company like ADF Express. to help you get your things down to your new location.

So how will you know whom to trust with all your worldly assets? Setting up key questions does not only reveal a wealth of knowledge about the business or company and assist you in preparing for a relocation day, but a bit more research can assist you in saving various hassles that may arise in the long term. Here are some tough questions to ask before engaging a moving company:

1: How long has this company been existing in business?

Experience is necessary and various track records can show their ability to deliver each time. For instance, have they ever move different kid’s clay handprint, knowing that they are simply not replaceable and that no amount of insurance can ever provide that for you again.

#2: Have they been registered and licensed?

If you in search for a moving company to move from one country to another, the moving company must have a United States DOT number, this is the unique license number issued by the US Department of transportation. Ensure that the license of your mover company is valid, this can be done by going through the database.

#3: Is the moving company insured?

Make sure that the company is properly insured on the very website you check their license number from. Avoid using any licensed company that does not have an insurance or any license number. You think an underage teenage unlicensed driver is not a good idea right? Neither is an uninsured or unlicensed company that claims to be a moving company. In addition, check to see whether your individual items are covered under any renter’s policy or under your homeowners.

#4: Have they received awards or acknowledgments for their services?

If they have not received a reward for their services, they will probably not receive any acknowledgment or reward from you either. Remember that a good reputation can save you money. Nobody gives enthusiasm to an overpromising, overcharged or under-delivered company.

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