Proper Channelization of Wastes

More and more eco-citizens are mobilizing around a common objective, to collect the waste that litter the streets, country lanes, cycle paths and public places, to make their environment more pleasant to live in.

Collecting waste: a citizen act

Willingly or unintentionally, tons of waste ends up in nature: oceans, countryside, forests and even mountain tops. No place is spared. A truly dramatic situation when we know the danger that this rubbish poses to humans and biodiversity. Unfortunately, we must accept the fact that these pollutions can only be blamed on us, but yet there is no question of remaining without doing anything. For junk removal fairfax va this is important.

The best waste is the one that we do not create

We have a short-term responsibility: that of limiting environmental pollution, on the one hand by favoring purchases with the least possible packaging and on the other hand by participating in or organizing waste collections that are already littering the ground. What is more, it is an educational and user-friendly way to become aware of the problem and to learn more about our waste.

We always ask ourselves: “What can I do?” “To which you are told”, there is a lot to do to change mentalities and behavior “Because uncleanliness is not inevitable. And the fight begins with me, us, you. She begins by no longer throwing her cigarette ends in the street or through the window of the car, not leaving her can or her leftover meals where you were sitting, not abandoning the old man TV cabinet (or worse the TV itself) in the woods at the entrance to the village or on the sidewalk opposite.

Organize a waste collection abandoned in nature: instructions for use

Many of us are already aware of these issues, but do not want to sit still. This is why more and more collective junk collection is being organized, in schools, businesses, neighborhoods … Would you like to do the same near your home? Follow our advice and roll up your sleeves to mobilize those around you and organize your own cleaning operation.

A great opportunity to make your place of life clean and forge social ties

Junk collection

To organize this kind of event, you have to keep several principles in mind like including everyone to allow as many people as possible to participate in this convivial event, also and above all ensuring the safety of everyone.

Where to start a junk collection operation?

Quite simply from the beginning: find a place to clean up (that shouldn’t be too difficult). Several weeks before, make a location and define the perimeter that you want to clean (roadsides and ditches, beaches, illegal dumps).


While too much waste can have a negative effect on participants’ sense of usefulness, not enough waste too.

Also fix the date of the event. Do not forget that the regrowth of vegetation can hide the smallest waste, the lifespan of which in nature can be very long (cigarette butts, pieces of plastic packaging).

Contact local authorities

Better to warn the town hall of the municipality of the chosen site: it will be able to provide technical support and possibly provide advice on the areas to be cleaned up.

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