An open porch is an added beauty to your suburban house. It is a place of relaxation where you can sit with your friends and have a delightful afternoon. You can sit with a cup of coffee and watch the little kids play on the open lawn. You can cuddle up with your partner on the sofa and reflect on life. Or at the end of the day, you can sit with your buddies and drink a little beer. A porch makes the home complete. Read this article to find out how you can decorate your porch and make it into a cosy and comfy place.

Plants: Add lots of indoor and outdoor little plants on the porch. They’ll make the setting look more welcoming. Install lots of clay pots of different sizes. You can plant various flower seeds and succulents that look really good. You can also paint the flower pots to add a tribal theme to it. You can use old retro tin cans and repaint them to add a splash of bright colours to your porch.

Furniture: Use wooden furniture to give it more of a vintage feel. Add chairs and tables and also a little wooden sofa on the porch. As for other equipment, keep it simple. You can install a ceiling fan with light. There are lots of new models of fan that you can choose from. You can select the one that goes with the theme of your porch. The light in the fan gives it a nice vintage touch. A rocking chair is a must for your porch. It adds certain old-timey charm to your porch area.

Decorations: Add pictures on the wall. Instead of adding pictures of your family, you can hang a picture of your loving pet or a picture of a flowerpot. If you are an art collector, you might also want to hang a little piece of art in the porch. You can hang grapevine wreath, they look good on the wall and contrary to popular belief, and they are not for Christmas time only. You can paint the ceiling to give it a vibrant feel.

Colour Coding: You may select specific colours for your porch and make that colour the theme of your porch. If you select the colour red, maybe you can pain red blocks on your white walls. To give it a twist, you can add plenty of rose bushes within white pots. Add white and red objects on the porch to colour coordinate. You can do the same with blue; just change the rose plants to blue orchids or any other flowers.

Lighting: The porch area will mostly be open, so there is not much to do for the daytime lighting. But in the evening you can add strings of lights to give it a bohemian feeling. You should not add plain lighting as it simply does not go with the theme of your porch. Add dim lights and twinkling lights of strings.

Make your porch a comfortable area. Add cushions of various sizes to make it look more welcoming. Use these tips in creative ways to give your porch a personal touch.

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