Mapping the Right Direction for the Properties

When choosing to buy a real estate, be firm with the broker as to the type of house you want. Ask for information before marking the visit. If it is out of your specifications, do not go. Also avoid being in the hands of many professionals.

Grow the Property

If the property is new or in the plant, usually the commission amount is charged separately from the price. If the property is used, the commission is paid by the seller, but be aware that it will be up to you to pay the commission proportional to the value of your property given as part of the payment. At this point it is important not to get emotionally involved with the owner of the property you are going to buy. Let the broker trade. In the choice of Mali Signature Hua Hin, Thailand you can be perfect.

Proposal Submission

When submitting a proposal, put yourself in the seller’s shoes. Avoid absurd proposals such as high discounts, for example. If he accepts, there must be something wrong. Make sure what is and is not included in the amount and talk openly, avoiding future constraints. Ask about what you do not understand and require clear and precise answers. Pay close attention to the documents of the property and the owner, which should preferably be analyzed by a trusted lawyer.

The Right Choice of Property

When choosing to buy your own property, research the history and performance of the Construction Company/developer and, if possible, visit a work already delivered by it. Request a copy of the incorporation registration to the broker before signing the contract of sale. Consult what Law (Condos and Incorporations) says and submit it to a known lawyer. Although they contain basically the same clauses, it is not too much the analysis of a specialist in real estate market. Follow the stage of the works through visits to the project or through the internet. Many companies offer the service on their websites.

Program yourself

The amounts of benefits paid during the construction period may differ from the financing installments of the outstanding balance. After the release of the financing, the signing of the deed of the property and the delivery of the keys, the buyer has to pay to the Thailand City Hall and registration fees. Together, they correspond to approximately 4% of the purchase value of the property.

Schedule yourself and make a financial reservation. Never stop registering your deed in the Real Estate Registry, even if you have not contracted financing. When you receive the property, read the instructions for use and the Owner’s Manual to make sure your unit guarantees. The legal deadlines are different for the various components.

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