Manual of bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration is one of the most important in our home, so we must do it taking into account many factors that will make your bathroom functional and practical as well as beautiful.

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Inside our house, one of the environments that we must decorate with more care, and that after many years will suffer from more reforms, is the bathroom. As we all know bathrooms are essential in any home, and therefore, when we decorate it, we must do so taking into account the use we are going to give it, as well as its functionality. Today we are going to focus on the decoration of bathrooms, small, modern, minimalist, vintage,… All the possibilities in a single touch!

Choose the basic elements for decorating your bathroom

The first thing, first of all, is to be clear about the basic elements that you will need in your bathroom, especially if it is small and you have to give up some things in favor of others. For example, nowadays bidets are practically obsolete, so you can do without them, thus gaining more space in your bathroom. Choosing a shower instead of a bathtub is also a good investment, especially with time considering all its advantages.

In summary, if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, start first by making a list of the things you need, what is essential and what is not.

The distribution of our bathroom

The first thing we must value when we reform a bathroom is its design: what is the optimal distribution of all the elements to be able to make the most of your space? Our advice is that you mount a scale map. Take a sheet, a ruler and a pencil and draw on a piece of paper the different possibilities that the space of your bathroom offers. Today there are very simple design programs that allow you to do this online, so you also have the possibility to use a simulator.

Depending on the shape of your bathroom (in the form of a corridor, be it square or irregular), it is better to opt for one design or another.

What color is better?

Another thing that we should take into account the decoration of bathrooms is the color of the walls(of your bathroom tiles ) and all the furniture and elements. In general, you will always hear that if the bathroom is small, it is better to opt for light colors that make it bigger and brighter, while if it is large you can choose what works best for you. There are also some somewhat different patterns depending on the shape of your bathroom, for example, if it has a hallway shape, it is recommended to paint the background wall somewhat darker than the sides.

The decorative style of our bathroom

Today we go to a decoration shop or open an interior design magazine and we see how the possibilities as decorative styles are really numerous. Today there is a minimalist or modern style, which is committed to simplicity, the Nordic style that focuses on white, the vintage style that bets on the retro, the oriental style that is set by the exotic, the eclectic style that is committed to mixing it Everything … Another one of the first things that you should keep in mind when decorating your bathroom is deciding on a style and that all the elements have coherence as a whole.

In addition to this, it is clear that the bathroom has to go in harmony with the rest of the house. If we decorate a house in rustic style, we will need a rustic decoration of our bathroom, while if we decorate a modern loft, it is best to choose a simple bathroom, without too many ornaments.

Storage space

There is no greater nightmare in a small bathroom than having storage space for everything. However, today we are lucky because there are many companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of tiny furniture that adapt to impossible corners and that allow us to make use of all the spaces offered by our bathroom. Without going any further, we can find this kind of ideas in Ikea which above allows us to save a visit to decoration stores.

There are other ideas that today help to gain storage space in our bathroom, for example, hang the toothbrushes, the dryer, take advantage of the ideas that exist of hanging storage or the space above the toilet, the possibilities storage are really endless.

The complements of your bathroom

The important thing almost always lies in the small things, this saying can also be applied to the decoration of your bathroom. A towel rack, the soap dish to wash your hands, the glass for the toothbrush, toilet paper roll holder, etc.


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