Looking for The Best Concrete Boards?

Finding the best solution concrete boards for your application is important. It is important to consider whether the application is for exterior or interior use. For instance, if you need the concrete boards for skirting where they need to be back filled then you need exterior back fill ready ones. Creative Concrete Products, LLC manufactures such a product.

The concrete boards Creative Concrete Products, LLC manufactures are called DURASKIRT™. The manufacturing process uses the highest quality materials available. Because they’re made of concrete, they’re naturally fire resistant which is huge in States and especially California. Best of all they’re made here in the USA.

Also, the panels have a great warranty including any manufacturing defects and other common issues. Furthermore, the concrete boards have been produced since 2000 earning much respect in the manufactured home industry.

Most noteworthy, there are certain exclusions regarding the validity of warranty, so I encourage you to read it carefully. In consideration, DURASKIRT™ concrete board panels are some of the best concrete panels made in the world, judging by both quality and years in use.

Let’s Talk About the Disadvantages of Using Inappropriate Materials

Manufactured materials such as, treated plywood, Cementous grout boards, and cement boards containing wood fibers or reinforced with exterior netting do not warrant their products for back-filling. Therefore, many products fail and have frequent problems when they’re used for this purpose.

For instance, when back-filling treated plywood it eventually rots. Other cement products used for exterior manufactured home skirting pop through their fasteners leaving gaps for rodent intrusion. Furthermore, these materials break down and even rot when in contact with the ground. So, when you’re shopping for skirting be sure to ask if the manufacturer warrants back-filling.


DURASKIRT™ is a concrete board skirting for manufactured homes and other uses. DURASKIRT™ is made of real reinforced concrete for exterior ground burial meeting the skirting requirements for HUD permanent foundation guide. For this reason, you can obtain better financing rates on your manufactured home. Therefore, we say DURASKIRT™ is the best smart panel skirting choice!

What Are the Other Uses?

Principally, DURASKIRT™ is packaged in easy-to-use mobile home skirting kits. In addition to its other uses, our concrete board works very well for:

  • Covering insulation (in the case of retrofitting commercial buildings)
  • Pole building wainscot
  • Skirting pier and beam homes
  • Park model skirting
  • Skirting for mobile homes & more!


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