Landscape Maintenance: What Does It Include?

Whether you just finished having your landscape designed and installed or looking for the best ways to keep your outdoor look like new? Landscape maintenance plays an important role. Landscaping upkeep transforms your overgrown yard into a pleasant heaven. Different styles of landscaping will better suit your demands, ranging from basic lawn care and lawn upkeep to more elaborate landscaping services. You can even hire the Best Landscaping Designers in Marietta to put your landscaping ideas into action.

When you hire a great full-service landscape maintenance company, you can wave your landscaping worries goodbye. Here are the number of services that come under landscape services.

Services Comes Under Landscape Maintenance:

  • Plant bed maintenance: This involves mulching, weeding, ground cover trimming, removal of browning plants, and more. Marietta Landscaping Contractors come to your place and complete this comprehensive service to keep your plant beds in top shape.
  • Fall Cleaning: Spring and Fall landscape maintenance is the key to lasting plant health and vibrance. This is a more thorough cleaning that consists of bed upkeep, edging, mulching, and raking. This service is akin to a deep cleaning of your home and should only be done one to three times each year.

  • Pruning/Hedging: It is critical to do pruning and hedging at the appropriate time of year to retain the best possible plant health. Hiring a skilled landscaping specialist ensures that your plants are clipped at the best time for their kind. Pruning can also be used to eliminate dead flowers, keep the plant’s shape and size, and promote growth. Hedging is more about sculpting plants into geometric shapes. Both are necessary for the upkeep of your landscape.
  • Lawn Protection and Feeding: To maintain a clean lawn, you may need to give it a little more love and attention. Lawn chemical programs feed the turf while also protecting it from a variety of pests and illnesses such as brown patches, grubs, and various fungal concerns. Most turfing programs are a 5-7-step process that is applied to your turf at the best time of year. Unfortunately, weather patterns can disrupt this schedule, so adjustments may be necessary to keep your grass on track. During super-wet years, additional applications are occasionally required to control moisture-related concerns.
  • Tree care: This includes pest control, disease prevention, fertilizing, pruning, dead branch removal, and raking.

  • Hardscape care: This involves sweeping and blowing debris away to clear the path on your hardscape, ensuring its cleanliness and safety.
  • Irrigation System Management: This service is usually included in maintenance contracts. Although modern sprinkler systems are mainly automated, water in sprinkler systems can freeze and expand owing to cold conditions, causing damage to the system. The cost of repairing the damage is frequently significantly higher than the cost of maintaining the system and having all of the lines blown out by a professional landscaper. Some Landscape Installation Companies in Marietta also include a monthly check-in to ensure proper usage and water efficiency.

  • Mulching: Mulching work is normally scheduled to be conducted once or twice a year, depending on the contract. Mulch is both physically appealing and functional in the garden, providing root insulation, weed control, and water retention.
  • Leaf Removing: Leaf removal is virtually always tailored to the client’s needs and the property. Sometimes once or twice a year is sufficient for leaf removal; but, during the autumn season, up to seven removals can be conducted so that a property remains clean at all times.

Need Landscape Maintenance Services in Marietta? Trust Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces

At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces – one of the best Landscape Design Companies, we understand the definition of “full landscape service” and will keep all areas of your property well-maintained and beautiful year-round. Our Outdoor Butler Program offers a seamless solution for all your outdoor maintenance needs.

Our range of services includes lawn care, garden upkeep, deck maintenance, patio cleaning, pressure washing, mulching, pine straw,, etc. You no longer have to deal with the stress of juggling various tasks; instead, with our assistance, you can enjoy a worry-free outdoor lifestyle. Our outside Butler Services redefine convenience and luxury in property vehicle service, with great attention to detail and a love for beautifying your outside paradise.

Would you like to explore more? Visit our website and go through our packages or you can consult with our Landscaping Contractors in Marietta, GA today!

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