Knowing The Different Kinds And Features Of Swaddles

There are different types of high quality swaddle blankets that you will come across when you visit any online or offline store. As a parent, if you want to make the best choice then it is imperative that you know not only about the types but also know the details and other information to make an informed and educated decision. Your ultimate aim should be making the sleeping experience of your baby safe and extremely comfortable.

Ideally, in your search for the Best Swaddle Blankets, you will come across three major types of swaddles. The type you choose will largely depend on a few specific factors such as:

  • Your preferences
  • Your budget
  • The advice from your local pediatrician and most importantly
  • The response of your baby to the product. 

Considering all of the above factors very minutely, you should go for any one of the following categories: 

  • Swaddle pods: These are considered to be the easiest to use on a baby and is therefore high in demand. The unique feature of the swaddle pods is that you will only have to do with one zipper making it extremely convenient for you and comfortable for your kid. It will snug fit on your baby keeping him or her safe inside. Another significant aspect of the swaddle pods is that it will allow the most freedom of movement for the kid but still be tight and snug in most of times enough to prevent any startling reflex while waking your baby.
  • Swaddle blankets: This is the most traditional choice by almost every parent who wants to see their baby sleep comfortably. This is typically a square-shaped blanket but you will need to do a little bit of origami so that you can make the perfect ‘burritowrap.’Initially, it may seem to be very intimidating but you can learn it from any nurse and master the art with a little bit of practice. Swaddle blankets provide minimal fuss. 
  • Swaddle sacks: If you are not interested in swaddle pods or blankets, you can choose this popular alternative as well. This is also very easy to use on a baby because ideally all you have to do to use this is to place the legs of your baby in the pouch and wrap the wings on the sides to cover the upper section of the baby. These wings may or may have Velcro which is what you should check out while buying. The most beneficial thing about the swaddle sacks is that the leg pouch, which is its unique selling point, will facilitate the development of the hip of the baby.

No matter whichever type you choose for your baby. You will need to make sure that you use it properly. Every swaddle will come with clear instructions about its use. In order to get the best results, start swaddling right from the birthup to three or four months of age and never use thick sheets to swaddle as that will increase the risk of overheating and limit the movement of the baby.

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