Is House Foundation Repair in Nashville, TN, Covered by Homeowners Insurance? | Answering Your Foundation Repair FAQ

Since house foundation repair in Nashville, TN, can sometimes be a bit costly, homeowners might wonder if their insurance covers all or at least part of this expense. It’s vital that you check with your agent when it comes to your policy, but you might also note some information about insurance coverage in general.

It’s also helpful for homeowners to consider some added information about foundation damage and needed repairs, including how to avoid this damage in the first place! This information will ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your home in good condition, and are avoiding otherwise unnecessary repair costs.

Is House Foundation Repair in Nashville, TN, Covered by Insurance?

In brief, house foundation repair in Nashville, TN is covered by homeowners insurance if the damage was caused by something covered in your policy. For example, foundation damage caused by vandalism or a fire is probably covered under your insurance policy.

However, house repairs needed due to age and standard wear and tear, and especially due to homeowner neglect, are not typically covered by insurance. If your foundation has simply settled over time and especially if you’ve failed to address excess moisture in the soil, your insurance policy will not likely cover those repair costs!

It can help a homeowner to note that foundation damage caused by something sudden such as a fallen tree or fire is probably covered. Foundation cracks and other damage that appear gradually are probably not covered! There are exceptions, of course; most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover damage due to earthquakes, as an example, even though that damage happens suddenly.

What Usually Causes Foundation Damage in Nashville, TN?

Knowing what usually causes foundation damage in Nashville, TN, can help homeowners better protect their property from that damage! You can avoid otherwise unnecessary foundation repair costs by taking a few simple steps to protect your home before foundation damage ever develops.

Moisture in the soil

When moisture collects in a property’s soil, that moisture is then absorbed by foundation concrete or gets trapped in a home’s crawl space, where it’s then absorbed by a structure’s piers and beams. Moisture breaks down concrete and other foundation materials, leading to premature cracks and other damage.

Better soil grading or a French drain installation can direct moisture in the soil away from the home’s foundation. Vapor barriers or encapsulation also protect a crawl space from moisture damage.

Poor-quality gutters

Homeowners often fail to associate their home’s gutters with the state of its foundation! However, keep in mind that the entire purpose of gutters is to collect rainwater as well as melting snow and ice as these run off the roof.

Water in gutters travels to attached downspouts, which then direct that moisture away from the home’s roof and to a nearby street or drain. When gutters are clogged, undersized, pulling away from the home, or otherwise defective, that moisture can pool around the home’s foundation instead of getting directed away from the home.

As with excess moisture in the soil, this water from the roof can lead to premature foundation damage. To avoid this risk, ensure your home’s gutters are sized properly for area rainfall and snowfall averages, are attached to the home properly, and are clog-free!

Tree roots

Tree roots can grow and expand and then wrap themselves around or otherwise attach themselves to buried foundation concrete. Those roots can then put too much pressure on the concrete, risking cracks and other damage.

To avoid this damage, ensure you don’t plant mature trees too close to your home. An arborist can also redirect tree roots or even suggest how to replant the tree so you still enjoy plenty of shade and beauty on your property without the risk of foundation damage!

Poor-quality installation

Poor-quality installation, including using subpar foundation materials, can lead to premature foundation damage. To avoid this damage, always invest in a reputable repair contractor when needed, and ensure a structure’s foundation is inspected thoroughly before you buy a home!

How Do You Avoid Foundation Damage to a Nashville TN Home?

In addition to the few tips already mentioned, note a few other ways a homeowner can protect their structure’s foundation:

  •       Waterproofing is an excellent choice for keeping foundation concrete from absorbing damaging moisture. It’s especially recommended for basements if you plan on finishing the space, as waterproof coatings will reduce the risk of water stains on drywall or damaged flooring.
  •       If you notice trapped moisture inside your home, consider a sump pump or dehumidifier installation. These will remove that moisture before it can be absorbed by foundation concrete.
  •       Have your home inspected by a foundation repair contractor in Nashville regularly. He or she can spot signs of developing damage so you can schedule needed repairs before that damage spreads.
  •       Never build onto your home or add significant weight without having the foundation inspected and strengthened as needed. Even stone floors, an overly large kitchen island, sunroom, and other such additions can put too much weight on a foundation and risk cracking and other damage.
  •       Schedule needed crack patching and other minor repairs at the first sign of damage! The sooner you fix foundation damage, the less risk of it spreading and of a house settling or sinking.

Should You Buy a House Needing Foundation Repair?

If you’re in the market for a new home and find one needing foundation repair, have it inspected thoroughly. You can then get quotes for needed repairs and note if the home’s price and other features will compensate for that cost. Since many foundation repair methods last for decades if not indefinitely, investing in those repairs can mean a home you’ll love for many years to come.

A repair contractor can also note if house foundation repair in Nashville, TN, is also worth the cost for any property. He or she can advise if the property will also need grading or other waterproofing solutions and how to best protect that foundation repair work for as long as you own the property.



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