Innovative Home Services App Features: A Guide for Success

House cleaning business is facing dominant competition so how can you tackle these challenges and stay ahead of your competitors? Setting up a home cleaning service business does not ask much, but surviving in the market asks for lots of strategies and solutions in place. With the technology driving the market, investing in home service apps is the best solution to deliver house cleaning solutions.

With a home service app, you can give a boost to home cleaning and repair services. So begin today by investing in home service apps and making your service readily available to the housewives, housemates, and professionals. With this solution, you grant them the room for exploring the cutting edge home cleaning services at their fingertips and join the league to assist in offering top notch house cleaning. Home service apps allow homeowners to locate the best person and get your brand out in the market by providing top-notch cleaning service.

Besides that, turning to handy clone app is the perfect way to offer a more efficient cleaning and repair service to customers. This app solution boosts home cleaning, smart home installation, repair service, and so on.

Give relief to all the house owners with an end to effortlessly finding the home cleaning and repairing service provider. The House service app is at your disposal.

Continue to read the article to explore the must have feature within the home service app to obtain a great hit in the market.

Key Features Of Home Services App

There are rumours about major must-have features for every Home Services app. Here we have listed out some of the crucial features every business owner should put into the customer app, the admin panel, and the service provider app to provide top notch experience to the customers.

Let’s uncover the list of some innovative and quality features:

User Panel:

Browsing professionals

With this feature, it is easy for your users to find professionals who can assist with household chores and issues. Using the browsing feature, you can filter based on cost, distance, and service types.


Scheduling is another cool feature. There’s a possibility that your app user isn’t up all the time. This feature enables them to select their preferred time slot. Using this feature, app users can set up their appointments in advance.


The notification feature serves multiple purposes. A real-time notification lets you know whether the request has been approved or rejected. Users can also receive notifications when professionals are expected to reach them.

Payment options

Payment options that are safe and secure are essential for app users wishing to pay with their phones. It is advisable to provide the possibility of paying by credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet. As competition grows, it is imperative to offer all popular payment options.


By offering rating and review features, your business is more transparent and accessible. App Users can give reviews about your service, which other people can use for reference. Positive reviews can indeed spread positive word about your business.

Help & Support

The app users can utilize this feature if there is a problem with your home services. By keeping your customer support open 24/7, you can quickly address their issues.

Features for Service Providers


This is the most essential thing for service providers. You can let them register as an expert for any service you offer. The registration process needs to be short and simple to make it easy for members to sign up via social media or their phones. Their profile will be approved and once approved, they can start accepting assignments and requests according to their expertise.

Real-time request

Upon registering your app, the service providers will receive the service requests from your app users. Getting requests from the surrounding area is better. Along with in-app messages, professionals should receive an email, SMS, and push notification.

Accept/Reject the request

Using this feature, service personnel can accept or reject requests. It should, however, not be possible for professionals to repeatedly reject requests.

Real-time chat

The built-in chat system of the service provider is always a good option for engaging their customers effectively. This helps customers by answering their questions and providing assistance.


It is one of the features that the service provider must implement to guarantee the fastest and most efficient service delivery. By using this feature, service providers ensure on-time service by taking the quickest and shortest route possible.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is the most awaited feature to include in the home service app that helps you track vendors’ income in real time. This feature allows service providers to track each transaction, and they can determine the Cost for each service offered.

Payment details

Payment details are the most crucial feature you should surely include in your home service app that allows you to securely save payment information. However, it also gives the customer a glimpse of the additional costs that may cover travel allowances.

Essential features for Admin

Easy-to-use dashboard

The primary feature that is for the advantage of admin is interactive dashboards. This feature gives you full-fledged insight into the apps and your online business. This is the key to managing everything within the apps.

Manage services

This is the most crucial feature for the admin panel since it allows you to confirm the professional information before approving their registration. With this, you can conveniently manage service and professional profiles.

Listing Management

With this feature, the home service app admin controls the services and providers listed. Adding or removing services or service providers is possible according to the requirements.

Payment management

During the initial development phase, you should discuss payment management with mobile app developers. Before the approval of the first professional, commission structures and bonuses should be created. It assists you in resolving any payment-related issues.

Manage schemes

Manage scheme is the common yet most exclusive feature to include in the home service app. This feature for the admin panel is regarding managing promotional campaigns, rewards programs, and various schemes. It allows one to keep a full track of schemes for making informed decisions.

Review management

Managing reviews is the most exciting feature that allows you to filter out negative reviews left by the user. This allows the admin to flag negative reviews and highlight positive reviews.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the most exciting feature to include in the home service app that allows you to acquire crucial business details. This even helps to explore more about your business and determine how your home cleaning services business is performing. These insights can help you address the concerns within the business and add additional features for improvement.

Cost of Developing Home Services Apps

There is no exact answer to the end cost of home service apps as the costs go up when you include advanced features in the app, and development will be cost-effective with basic features.

In the end, the cost differs based on the location of the developer. As an estimation, a developer charges $170-210/hour in Europe or America, whereas a developer charges $90-$150/hour to develop an app in Asia.


Home service app development is your go to choice for giving a quick boost to your home cleaning business. With this solution, you can meet all the house cleaning needs of customers. The marketplace clone script is perfect for automating most of your house cleaning and plumbing tasks.


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