Important ways to secure your commercial property

If you are a property owner, then you are in a good position. You might be owing to something on a mortgage, but you are on the property ladder and it is a great way to secure your future and to grow your wealth. If you own more than one property, perhaps the house that you live in and then something for investment purposes, then you really are winning. But many people who own properties for investment purposes often don’t spend enough thought or time on making the property attractive for renters. So, if you have a commercial property and you are looking to secure maximum rental income from it, here are a few security-related tips that will strengthen your hand and make the property more attractive to potential renters, because we all know, if people feel safe and secure in their place of business then they will stay there longer and commit to longer-term deals.

Any time of the day or night

It is important that the people leasing your building feel safe there whatever the time of day. When the sun is shining and there are lots of people on the street it is generally not a major issue, but after dark, it can be a time for concern. In this regard it is a good idea to look at installing commercial roller shutters Sydney might seem like a safe place to be, but even the safest of places has its share of chancers and opportunists, who would not hesitate to throw a brick through a window in order to get away with an armload of assets.


Make sure that your property is properly alarmed. We are not just talking burglar alarms here, but also fire alarms and panic buttons. A fully secured property is much more attractive to a potential renter as it conveys a sense of safety. If there is a medical emergency or an intruder, knowing that an alarm is close by and ready to go is very comforting. Also, for your own peace of mind, having a fire alarm on-site means that your asset is guarded in the event that something goes awry when nobody is there.


If you want to be able to act against nefarious activities in the building on its surrounds, then install cameras and have them upload data to a central storage facility. Even if nobody is monitoring the cameras actively, they still act as a deterrent and will make people think twice about doing undesirable things in the vicinity of the property. That will help improve the area, it will drive up the property value and it will attract a better type of tenant who pays better rentals. Overall it is a small investment for a big return.

Visible presence

If your property is making you enough rental ten don’t be afraid to install your own security guard on the premises. Just a person who can be your eyes and ears. Perhaps even a hybrid solution where they can be secured but also janitorial – keeping things clean and tidy and doing the necessary odd jobs around the place that crop up from time-to-time.



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