Important Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Fence

A fence around your home needs to be aesthetic and robust for security. Therefore, there will be many things to consider before hiring fence manufacturer in North Carolina.


Before ordering determines the purpose of having a fence installed. To keep pets and kids in the yard, you can choose chain-link fence. To add privacy or block roadside noises then you will need something solid and tall. Your purpose may be multiple like having an aesthetically looking fence to keep little Johnny in the yard. Without concern, you will find trellises at Raleigh Fence Company that are versatile.


Fences are designed from variety of materials. You got plenty of options like steel, aluminum, bamboo, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, wood is robust and looks classic but needs staining or sealing every now and then. It can distort and rot overtime. Wood is also vulnerable to termites and weather. Its repair or replacement must never be ignored. So, if you find wood material maintenance unable to handle then consider material like vinyl that needs low maintenance.

Combine fence types

You may want the front to look aesthetic for onlookers and something practical in the backyard for keeping pets or kids inside. The wise solution is to combine fence types like wood picket fence in front connecting chain-link fence at the back. You thus save on installation and maintenance cost like painting but the dual purpose gets served.

Local fencing codes

Some areas can restrict specific fence on the basis of material, look, and height. Therefore, check the local fencing codes to avoid trouble. Even find out if there is any permit needed for fencing.

Be good neighbor

Discuss fencing plans with the neighbors. Never try to block their views. Consider party fence, if possible but make sure to get everything in writing as soon as property boundaries are determined professionally.

Pick the right manufacturer

  • Ask for references
  • Invest time in research
  • Look for company offering quality materials & services
  • Check for experience & track record
  • Be realistic about timeline goal

Fence is great addition as it serves multiple purposes. So, make sure to consider things given in this post to have right fence installed by the best professionals.

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