Important Questions to Ask Before Appointing a Waterproofing Contractor

When you are about to start construction for your business place or residential property, you definitely need expert people who can look after whole construction process deeply. Waterproofing is one of the significant processes that need to be done to avoid the moisture in the building. Moisture can damage the foundation, wall and floor of the property. The leakage of water is serious concern that consequently enhances the risk of collapsing the construction. The best way to prevent the leakage is to hire professional waterproofing contractor that can do this work effectively. But before hiring waterproofing contractors for interior or exterior waterproofing work, there are some important questions that you need to ask:-

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How old is your company in this business

Well, it doesn’t mean that if a waterproofing company is new, then it is not reliable. The real question is that how long they are working in this industry which means that do they have the experience to conduct the waterproofing task.  The company that is experienced can do this task with all perfection. This will definitely provide a security sense because with an expert company, there is no fear of flaw in the work.

Do you have license and Insurance of your company?

One of the foremost questions that you need to ask your contractor is that ‘does the company have required license to perform the waterproofing? Moreover are they insured? If the agency is not having the legal permission of running their business or waterproofing task, then you should quit the decision to hire them. A company without license is not only risky to work with but it also might create problem for your construction. The license shows that they are qualified and certified by the government and if they are not qualified, and then there is no use of working with these unlicensed agencies.

How many present clients or previous work you have handled so far

It is a smart move to inquire about the existing clientele and previous work. By asking the reference, you can notice their work of style, this will definitely help you to know what kind of work they have done, are they skilled enough to handle your work. You can also find reviews online of the company and read the testimony of their client because their client will definitely give you honest feedback.

Do you give warranty of your work to your customers?

You would love to work with a waterproofing contractor that ensures you to give best quality work; moreover they give you the warranty of their work. It means that they have the full confidence about their work and if somehow anything goes out of the situation, they are ready to do the work freely in the warranty period. You don’t need to take the tension paying them every time if the waterproofing is not up to the mark under the warranty period.

Do entertain your client even after the task gets finished

It is definitely an important question and one of the greatest drawbacks of service providers. You must ask your waterproofing contractor that, “are they only entertain customer at the time of hiring? What are their roles after the work gets finished? If a company is top rated and genuine they always look after the concern of their client even after the installation is completed. Getting feedback from clients about the waterproofing service to insure the durability is the sign of dedicated company and you should hire that company.


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