How to Stay Cool This Summer?


What do you do to cool down when you live in a climate that is hot or humid during the summer months or even all year around? A body can only take so much heat before it yearns for relief. It can be harder to have the energy to function when you are overheated. There are a number of things that can help cool you down from inside or out.

Air Conditioning

A basic item that can help you stay cooler at home is air conditioning. Though not everyone has a unit in their home, for those that do, the refreshing coolness brings comfort during hot weather. De-humidification can also be handled with an air conditioner. If yours is on the blink, call Boyette air conditioning repair to get things up and running again so that you can enjoy cooling down.

A Cool Breeze

A ceiling fan can also be useful for keeping the air moving. Make sure to adjust the seasonal switch so that the fan rotates in the right direction to blow a breeze across you. Box fans can also be effective. Put them in the windows on each end of the house, drawing cooler air in one window and blowing the hotter air out the other.

The Waterside

The cooling effect of water should not be overlooked if you are trying to cool down. Spending some time at the lake, the beach or even poolside can provide some needed respite from the heat. Indulge by wading in to further cool you down. Make sure to wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from UV rays reflected off the water.

Eat and Dress Lightly

Heavy meals will raise your metabolism and cause you to feel hotter. Try to plan summer menus that include lots of fresh foods, salads, and fruits that don’t require cooking as often as possible. Eat smaller meals with in-between snacks. Freeze grapes and pop a few in your mouth for a quick cool-down. Many fruits freeze well and can be invigorating against the heat. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well – it is nature’s air conditioner. Wear lightweight clothing such as cotton or linen and forgo socks when practical. Keep clothing loose to allow air to circulate. Choose to clothe with long sleeves or pant legs to prevent sunburn.

Keep cool and keep your cool in hot weather by taking advantage of a few of these easy tips. You may find that you actually enjoy your summer heat and all.

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