How to set up a project management office in your home

Flexible working, desk sharing and the option to work from home are all becoming increasingly popular as employers search for ways in which they can make things a little easier for their employees and help reduce their stress levels. 

Once you have completed a project management training course you will appreciate that the kind of office, you will need to home will need to be project management suitable.


Understanding your requirements and objectives of your Project Management Office (PMO) is key when it comes to setting one up in your home. You should begin by assessing the current status of your project management organisation, checking for the desired scenario you would prefer to reach. 

During this step you will assess those functional areas that are to be regulated under the PMO and any gaps that might exist. 


Once your assessment is complete you will need to produce a list that offers recommendations on how you can fill any of the gaps that you have identified, whether these are gaps in process, systems or people – or a combination of all of those. Things that you might want to consider are introducing gate reviews for better decision making, being able to track the progress of any projects and informing on known risks. 

One of the most important things that you will however need to consider doing is ensuring that you are in constant touch with those employees who are working within the organisation, as you will need them to be providing you with constant feedback. This will help you to find out any weaknesses and strengths that occur.

Build a plan

It is important to design and implement a plan that can help you get started. Some of the things you will need to be do will be tactical whilst others will require a significant amount of organisation. Begin with the tactical issues taking into consideration time, costs and resources in order to create a plan of implementation. Speak to management where necessary and show them how dedicated you are to the plan.

Put the plan into action

This is your next step and important there will be plenty of hard work ahead of you when it comes to putting all your carefully laid plans into action. Tackle the tactical plans first and then you will be ready to look at everything else. With every win that takes place you will be able to see your plans taking shape and confidence growing in your PMO. The benefits of project training mean that you should already have the tools to help you achieve this.

Keep checking

The best way forward with any project is to stop regularly, look at what you are doing and fix any issues as you go. This way your PMO will mature and grow to where you want it to be. You will also need to check that you have both long- and short-term recommendations in place and that you review them on a regular basis.


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